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Subject: “Brewster Pranks” (t/b, t/t, b/b)Caution/Welcome. This is a story involving four brothers, two preteens and
two fourteen-year- olds, playing April Fool’s jokes on their friends and
family, including water sports, blackmail, humiliation and many other fun
pranks. It is posted at free gay adult story sites for adult entertainment
only. Permission is not given to copy electronically nor in any other form
for the purpose of redistribution or posting at sites other than those
described here. This is the twelfth of the Brewster Boys special events
and myths series. Readers may use any of these pranks provided they send a
thank you to the author, J.O. Dickingson, at authorsixhotmail.com who
reminds you that unprotected sex with strangers is no joke. Brewster Pranks The morning sun was greeted by a preteen lolita cp child chorus of cheery birds filling the
air with their sweet melodies. Across the sleeping town could be heard the
spin of bicycle tires on pavement and the thump of morning editions of the
local newspaper as they landed on doorsteps. Electric garage doors opened
and closed as those who had to commute headed off to work. It was the
beginning of another Saturday just as it was in thousands of American
In a three-bedroom bungalow with one-and-a-half baths and attached
garage, blue vinyl siding and white trim in a quiet crescent in the
suburbs, a pair of large bare feet padded down the hall. The bathroom door
closed, a few lolita ls island archives moments later the shower curtain was pulled shut, and the
shower was turned on.
“What in the he-, he- . . . haaaahhhhh, cripes!” came the screech of
a man in dismay.
Four boys leaped up in their bunk beds. “Oww, shit!” came two cries
of pain, one the high-pitched voice of a child and the second the cracking
voice of adolescence.
The four rubbed the sleep from their eyes as they www lolita gallary com looked around in
bewilderment. “Hey, what the fu-, fu- fuhahahahaha!” exclaimed two other
young lolita ls island archives
voices. They were quickly joined by the laughter of the first two.
The youths, eyes heavy lidded from being up into the wee hours of the
night the past week preparing for this morning, glanced about the room in a
disbelieving daze and with bemused smiles, and then glanced at each other.
They were not in the same beds as when they had fallen asleep. The smiles
stretched into wide grins. “Dad!” they shouted, and rolled out of bed
giggling. As they scurried down the hall toward the free naked lolita pictures bathroom, Benny and
Brent, normally sleeping in the top of the two pairs of bunks, rubbed their
heads where they’d bumped into ls magazine prelolitas bbs the frame of the top bunks. During the
early morning while they were dead asleep, their dad, Barry Brewster, had
snuck into their room and put them in their brothers’ bottom bunks, and
their brothers in the top bunks. Now that was funny!
Opening the door of the bathroom, they found something even funnier.
Ten-year-old Bobby, in his new two-piece blue polo pajamas with black cuffs
and collar and No Rules screen- puta zorras pequenas lolitas print top, twelve-year-old Benny in his new
cotton sleep pants with Skater print design, and the fourteen-year-old
twins, Brent and Brett, in their new, sexy, Fine Grey Stripe cotton Calvin
Klein sleep/lounge pants with elasticized waistband and drawstring, stood
there with wide grins lolita go home remasteris as they stared at their naked father who had opened
up the shower curtain to reach for a clean wash cloth. Forty-one-year-old
Barry lola teen models top Brewster, standing there in the bathtub in his birthday suit, his
dark brown hair soaked and his body streaked with blue rivulets, stared at
his four sons. The boys tried to suppress their giggles as their
five-foot-ten, hundred-and-seventy pound Dad stood there xxx red lolita pedo in all his glory
in a pool of blueberry Kool-Aid, the spray preteel lolita kids pics from the shower now a very pale
blue as the water washed out the rest of the Kool-Aid the boys had packed
in the showerhead before going to bed.
Barry slowly began to grin. “Which of you had this idea for an April
Fool’s free naked lolita pictures prank?”
The boys looked at each other and then up at their blue-streaked dad
with wide-eyed innocence. “Musta been Mom,” they chorused.
“Yeah, right, you little imps,” laughed their father. “Get out of
here,” he ordered, tossing the blue, Kool-Aid soaked wash cloth at them.
Chortling over their first joke of the day, the boys scurried down the
hallway to get dressed for school. Normally they would have complained
bitterly about going to school on a Saturday, but this was no typical
Saturday, this was April Fool’s Day. Nobody had realized back in the fall
when lolitas bbs tgp pthc they had set up the local junior high basketball tournament schedule,
that the Saturday of the big final playoffs was going to be the first of
April. Nor did the planners of the elementary school literature fair
realize that the day they had free naked lolita pictures picked for the big event was April Fool’s
“That was really wicked!” chortled fourteen-year-old Brent as he
raised his arm and scratched the fine blond hairs of his left armpit.
After months of watching, he and his brother had finally begun to grow hair
in their pits, something their two kid brothers never tired of inspecting.
“Oh yeah, did you see the pool of Kool Aid Dad was standing in. That
was perfect!” laughed his twin brother as he pushed down his new summer
pajamas and stepped out of them. With his fine blond hair half way down
his back, his smooth skin and softly contoured muscles, and his mother’s
delicate looks, small bones, and blue eyes, the slender five-foot,
hundred-and- one pound youth was a teenage girl’s dream come true. He,
like his brother, was often teased by other boys, especially the jocks and
skaters, about his effeminate looks, but the semi-flaccid tube hanging down
below his curly blond bush and over his plum-sized testicles were proof of
his masculinity.
“Oh fuck yeah,” agreed Benny, his hazel eyes sparkling. The four foot
seven, eighty-four pound youth had inherited his mother’s fine facial
features and his father’s high cheek bones and dark brown hair. He had
begun wearing just pajamas nude lolita girls pics bottoms like his older brothers, and as he
pushed them down he frowned at the sight ls magazine prelolitas bbs
of his naked pubes. At least half
a dozen guys in his class had gotten fine downy hairs on their pubes and
now at the age of twelve years and five months he was beginning to wonder
if he was ever going to get any. “And did you see the look on his face,
that was so funny!”
“Sure fucking was,” agreed Bobby, who like his brother had inherited
the same combination of features from his parents. “And did you see Dad’s
dick! Oh fuck, does he ever have a huge sausage!”
“All the Brewster men do,” said Brett as he reached inside his pajamas
and played with his testicles, still sleep-damp and warm.
“Geez,” observed Benny. “Does that mean you had a different dad than
the rest of us?”
“Very funny,” replied his older brother as he grabbed the nearest
pillow and threw it at him.
“Did you guys see the Kool-Aid dripping off the tip of Dad’s sausage?”
asked Brent.
“Yeah, looked like he was peeing Kool-Aid.”
“Wouldn’t that be an awesome way to drink Kool-Aid!” observed Bobby
seriously, and the boys all giggled at the thought.
“Wicked container,” observed Benny between giggles and the boys
laughed harder. The four began to stiffen as they pictured their Dad’s
enormous cock.
“Hey! What is this?” Brent suddenly asked as he opened ls magazine prelolitas bbs
his drawer.
“This isn’t my stuff.”
“What the shit is going on?” asked Benny as he opened the top drawer
of the dresser he shared with Bobby.
The four boys glanced at each other. “Dad again!” they grinned and
once more broke out in laughter. During the night their father had not
only put them in different beds, but he had switched the drawers in their
“This is my drawer, but where’s my underwear?”
“My underwear’s all gone too, except for you know what,” observed
“Hey, that’s all that’s here too,” commented Brent as he picked up the
Pokemon cartoon underwear their Aunt Martha had given each of them for
The boys glanced at each other all they had to wear to school was the
kiddie cartoon underwear? “Daaaaad!” came the plaintive call as at the
same time came the yell, “Booooys!” Glancing again at each other, the four
youngsters broke into wide grins once more. The four pranksters scooted
down the hall to their parents’ bedroom, Brett and Benny forgetting to slip
their pajamas back on and having to race back to get them. top 100 lolita paysites There stood
their dad in his robe, holding a string of underwear, his boxers stitched
to their mother’s lacy pink panties which were stitched to a second pair of
boxers which were stitched to her second lolita thumbnails young bbs
pair, forming a chain of
alternating men’s briefs and lady’s panties. Their mom was sitting on the
bed in her night gown laughing with amusement at the sight.
“Gee, I wonder how that happened,” said Benny with a gleam in his
hazel eyes.
“Yeah, I wonder,” said Barry with a raised eyebrow and a smile as he
drew the last of the chain out of the drawer. “Ah ha! This joke’s on
you,” he suddenly announced with a triumphant grin as he picked up a pair
of solitary plaid boxers. “You forgot one!”
The boys glanced first at each other and then looked at the pair of
underwear. “Ooops,” they chorused.
The boys trooped back down to their bedroom, their young faces flushed
as they continued to chortle.
“Well, I’m not going to wear no kiddie underwear,” observed Brett as
he removed his pajamas bottoms again.
“Me neither,” said Benny. “I’m going commando.”
“Me too,” agreed lolita ls island archives Bobby and Brent as they chucked their pajamas and
reached for their pants laid out on their chairs for them.
“What. . . .”
“What?” asked Brent as he looked at his twin wobbling on one leg with
the other half way in his Image zip-off pants. “Jeez,” he commented as he
reached the same problem. Each of the boys soon discovered that the legs
of their pants had been sewn shut where they could be unzipped to change
them to shorts in the case of the twin’s khaki zip-offs, and at the knees
in the case of their younger brothers’ cargo pants. They chuckled at the
joke as they searched in the closet for something else to wear.
“Aaaaaah! Ewwwwwwww!” came the cry from the bathroom.
Jumping back into their pajamas one more time, the boys chugged off to
the bathroom for a second time. Their mother stood there spitting into the
sink with a sour look on her face.
“What’s the matter, Mom?”
“Someone put vinegar in my mouthwash!”
“Yeah? Wow. preteen lolita cp child That Dad sure is wicked.”
“Mmmm,” their mom responded, giving them her ‘you’re not fooling me
“Maybe it just went sour,” observed Bobby with wide-eyed innocence.
“I don’t think mouthwash can go sour,” observed Brenda Brewster with a
“Would you know anything about our pant legs being sewed up?” asked
“Your pant legs were sewn up?” Brenda Brewster asked, her blue eyes
wide with surprise. “Must have been some sprite in the night,” she
observed with a grin.
Returning to their room with them, she quickly pulled out the threads
and then headed puta zorras pequenas lolitas off to get changed herself while the boys, hiding their
underwear and going without any, got dressed. Finally the Brewster clan
gathered in the kitchen for breakfast.
“Hey Dad, let me get you your coffee,” offered Brent.
“Here’s the sugar,” observed Brett, pushing the sugar container over
to his father.
“Yeah, right,” grinned Barry Brewster. “I’m not falling for that
“What one?” the boys asked innocently.
“The sugar and salt switcheroo.”
“What you talking about Dad?”
“Yeah, what you talking about?”
“Sorry boys, that prank is older than your grandfather,” Barry
Brewster said as he took the salt shaker and shook the contents into his
coffee. Raising his cup to his lips with a triumphant grin, he took a long
sip and immediately leaped to his feet and rushed to the sink to spit it
out. “That was salt.”
“What did you expect in the salt shaker?” asked Benny innocently.
“Yes, dear, what did you expect,” laughed Brenda, not sure if the boys
had planned it all along or if xxx red lolita pedo her husband had fallen victim to his
“Here Dad, let me get you more coffee,” offered Brent and Brett
together as they got to their feet.
Barry Brewster watched Brent carefully and then cautiously took a sip.
There was nothing wrong with the cup, the coffee, or the sugar. He could
not figure what the boys were doing, but they top 100 lolita paysites
were preteen female nn lolitas
up to something. They
were preteel lolita kids pics never so insistent he have coffee before. Of course there was the
possibility they were feeling guilty about the Kool-Aid prank, but he knew
his boys, and he didn’t think they felt that bad about it.
“Ahhh!” cried out Bobby as he looked at his bowl in dismay. His Sugar
Pops were floating in a bowl of orange liquid. He broke out into a giggle,
followed by the others as he realized his mother had filled the milk carton
with orange juice and vice versa. “Good one, Mom,” they all chortled.
“Here, honey, I’ll wash out your bowl,” offered Brenda with a smile as
she dumped the orange juice-soaked cereal in the garbage and turned on the
water tap. “Aaahhhhhh!” she called out as she jumped back, soaked from the
spray from the sink sprayer. During the night, someone had placed a rubber
band around the sink spray handle and the faucet and positioned the sprayer
so when the faucet was turned on instead of running out the tap, the water
was directed to the sprayer. The family broke into a little lolita nude photos
fit of laughter once
The family finished their breakfast without incident with the boys
jumping up to fill their dad’s coffee cup each time ls magazine prelolitas bbs he emptied it. As they
were about to get up from the table the phone rang, and as usual, their mom
reached over to answer it. Picking up the receiver, she stared in
bewilderment as the phone continued to ring. Looking at the receiver, and
the stand, she didn’t know what to do as the phone continued ringing even
though she was holding the receiver. Unable to hold back, the boys rolled
off their chairs in laughter. Their parents had to laugh too as they
spotted the clear tape holding down the hook switch, causing the phone to
continue ringing.
“Hello?” Brenda finally said as she removed the tape. “Yes, just a
second. It’s Justin for you,” she said, handing the phone to Benny.
“Hi. Yeah,” giggled Benny. “Worked perfectly. Thanks!”
Brenda Brewster had the last laugh, however. Returning to their room
for a few special items they’d set aside to take with them, each of the
boys discovered they could not get their hands in their pockets. Their
mother had sewn them all shut, resulting in the boys having still another
fit of laughter.
Grabbing their lunch bags, the boys called out their byes and their
parents wished little lolita nude photos
them fun at school. A few minutes later, Bobby came
charging back. “I forgot lolita thumbnails young bbs something,” little cocksucker girls lolita
he called, rushing to his room and
emerging back out in a few minutes with a big brown bag. Brenda and Barry
Brewster glanced at each other and decided it best they not ls magazine prelolitas bbs
know what was
in it.
The Brewster household was not the only household to begin the day
with April Fool’s pranks. Mr. Steve West, preteel lolita kids pics one of the teachers at the boys’
school, had already gotten two phone calls from truckers saying they were
passing through and would love to meet him. It would be several weeks of
such calls before the picture of the muscular, thirty-six-year-old teacher
which Brett had SuperGlue young preteen nn lolitas to the wall in the washroom of the truck stop on
the highway along lolita ls island archives with his number and an offer to give free blow jobs would
be scraped off.
Cole Bentley, the seventeen-year-old son of Reverend Bentley who had
been the brunt of the boys’ pranks last Easter, had checked his email as he
did every morning and found eight messages to meet up with him at Murray
Park and make like bunnies, resulting from Brent, who had pretended to be
him on a gay chat line earlier in the week, telling everyone how much he’d
enjoyed being gang-banged last Easter and offering to meet anyone who was
into group sex for fun times that weekend.
Back on the other side of town, the four Brewster boys were offering
to shake hands with everyone at the xxx red lolita pedo school bus stop, without any takers.
As James Blackburn turned onto their street, he groaned, as he did every
day. Today the groan was even louder. Ever since he’d found out the
school board had authorized buses to run this special day he had grumbled
and lolita thumbnails young bbs fretted preteen lolita cp child
and complained. He wanted to know why they had to free naked lolita pictures run buses.
As far as he was concerned they could let the spoiled brats walk, or their
parents drive them. And, if they absolutely had to run a bus, why had it
to be today of all days, April the first?
Spotting the four Brewsters standing apart from the others, he
Two years ago the boys had hung up a huge banner saying “HELP I’M BEING
HELD CAPTIVE” on the back of the bus, and last year they had stuck posters
in the back window with his phone number and the message “James sucks”. He
kept an eye on the boys as he pulled up, but the little snot noses kept
moving in and out of the group so he could not keep track of all of them.
As they got on they all greeted him with a cheery “Good morning” and
extended their hands. They were really naive if they thought anyone in lolita thumbnails young bbs the
town would shake hands with a Brewster on April Fool’s day. Of course the
boys all knew that, which make the joke even more hilarious to them.
At the next stop, the obese forty-one-year-old driver got out and
checked www lolita gallary com the front and back of the bus, but could find nothing. As they
progressed toward the school the students on the bus got more and more
restless and whenever he stopped along his route, there was a burst of
giggles. He knew the Brewsters had done something, but he had no idea
The drivers behind the bus did. Benny had been chosen to slip around the
side of the bus and stick a big red octagon with white block letters saying
“FUCK NOW” over the stop sign that the driver extended with each stop.
Arriving at the school, while his brothers milled around him, Brett
applied SuperGlue to the back of a fifty-cent piece and two quarters and
dropped them on the sidewalk. That would be a good source of laughs for
the lolita ls island archives rest of the day as students and adults alike bent over and tried to
pick up the change. Of course if the Brewsters happened to be anywhere
near the vicinity, they had each come prepared with a piece of cloth www lolita gallary com
could tear just at the right moment, usually causing the person attempting
to dislodge the coins to stand bolt upright and then to try to casually
place their hands over the supposed rip without being noticed.
“You girls want to come sit with us to watch the game?” asked a tall,
handsome boy by the name of Jason Smyth-Jones. “Oh, it’s not girls, it’s
Brent and Brett,” the dark-eyed basketball player observed in mock
“A natural mistake,” commented his best buddy and fellow basketball
player, Conrad Blackwell, his blond hair stylishly dyed with black
highlights and shaded on the sides.
The two buddies high-fived. Like most boys in junior and senior high,
the two took every opportunity they could to project a macho image, and one
way to do that was to put down anyone who did not fit their concept of what
was manly. Many of the jocks lolita teen porn bbs and skaters from the junior and senior high
schools took great delight in razzing the twins about being sissies, about
their middle-of-the-road top 100 lolita paysites skills in sports, and about their feminine looks,
especially with their long blond hair that extended half way down their
back. Jason and Conrad were particularly bad. Not only were the two star
athletes, but they young preteen nn lolitas had great bods and looks. Besides that, their parents
were filthy rich which meant they had the best and newest of everything,
and on top of it all, they were highly popular with not only other guys,
but with girls too, and they knew it.
Brent and Brett ignored the taunts. Two Saturdays ago, after a month
of plotting, the twins had implemented their plan to play the ultimate joke
on their top two antagonists. Borrowing the two tightest and lowest cut
blouses that their neighbour Cheryl owned, along with two of her tightest
jeans, by way of her kid brother and without her knowledge of course, the
boys had permed their young preteen nn lolitas
long locks, causing them to curl and billow even more
than usual, applied a bit of lipstick and eye shadow, and headed for the
mall where they knew Conrad and Jason hung out.
The boys spotted them immediately, of course, and strode over to talk.
Pretending to be visiting from the next town, the twins looked adoringly at
the boys with their big blue eyes and hung onto every word the boys said.
Having stuffed Cheryl’s bras with socks, they bent over and gave the two
teenage boys a good look at their cleavage. Innocently brushing their legs
against the boys’ legs, and placing their delicate hands on the boys’
thighs, they soon had the two jocks hard. Jason and Conrad leaned back and
thrust their hips out in the hopes that the two girls would notice their
virility. The girls had, of course, and it took all their willpower to
stop from laughing. Finally with demure smiles and a few hints, they
managed to be invited to go to the theatre for their first date the
following Friday.
Jason and Conrad could not believe their good luck accidentally
running into two hot babes like Bunny and Barbie, and the two
fourteen-year-olds showed up at the mall half an hour early for their date.
Just the sight of the two sexy girls walking down the mall, swinging their
hips in their skin-tight leather pants and their boobs jutting out like
headlights in their tight sweaters got the boys panting. Once settled in
their seats, the two girls were determined that the boys’ temperatures were
going to continue to soar. As the boys casually and smoothly, at least in
their eyes, slipped their arms about child love and lolitas their dates, their dates snuggled in
closer. Their hands touched reaching for the popcorn and instead of
drawing away, the girls entwined their fingers with those of the boys.
When the boys pressed their legs against the girls’ legs, their dates did
not withdraw, and instead lay their heads on the boys’ shoulders. When
their dates casually and innocently placed their hands on the boys’ bulging
crotches, the boys were sure they were in heaven. Sitting there with their
teenage cocks throbbing under their dates’ hot hands, the would be preppies
had no idea what the show was about.
Afterward they went to Taco Bell where to the boys’ surprise the girls
ordered a soft burrito combo with Mexi fries and a large soda right along
with them. The cost didn’t matter to the two boys of course, and it was
worth it anyway as the girls listened with wide-eyed worship to the boys’
accounts of the last basketball game. When the puta zorras pequenas lolitas girls asked if they could
feel the boys’ muscles and if the boys would buy them desert, the two
teenage boys would have flown them around the world had they asked.
By the time the girls were done it was not just the boys’ biceps that
were bulging, nude lolita girls pics and when they saw a number of their friends eying lolitas bbs tgp pthc
enviously, Jason and Conrad quickly took advantage of the situation.
Holding their dates closer, they talked just a bit louder to ensure they
were seen with the two hot chicks. Already popular and with a reputation
of attracting the hottest babes, this was going to reaffirm their elite
position with the in seniors at the junior high. As the girls giggled at
their jokes and agreed to go to the volleyball tournament junior high dance
the following Friday, they were sure things could not get any better.
Actually, it did. While they waited for the girls’ bus to take them
to the girls’ relatives in town, the girls leaned into their dates, young preteen nn lolitas wrapped
their arms about them, and with their long, silky curls brushing against
the boy’s chests, gave them a hot, passionate good night kiss. The boys
were throbbing with arousal as the girls pressed their bodies against them,
and they could not wait for lolita ls island archives the dance next Friday. They did not know it,
but nor could their dates.
Coming back to the present, the twins and Benny headed to the junior
high school while their kid brother headed for the elementary school next
door. Bobby quickly caught up to Suzie, a seven-year-old grade two student
the boys had tricked several years ago into dropping her panties in their
early forays into the unknown world of sex.
“Hey, looks like you got some neat stuff for the literature fair,”
Bobby greeted.
“Uh huh,” Suzie nodded excitedly.
“I’ll pack your display into the gym and help you set it up if you’ll
do something for me.”
“What?” she asked carefully, fully aware of the dangers of doing
anything for the Brewster brothers even at her age, but still young and
innocent enough to be trusting.
“My mom baked these brownies for the teachers, but I feel sort of
silly going to the staff room with a bunch of top 100 lolita paysites
cookies, being a boy and all,
you know,” Bobby explained as he held up the big brown bag. Suzie nodded.
Giving teachers cookies was not a boy thing, and it certainly was not a
Bobby Brewster thing. “So, I was hoping if I help you get set up in the
gym, you’d take them for me.”
“It would probably be a good idea not to tell them you got them from
Suzie figured that was a good idea xxx red lolita pedo too. For the next half hour
everyone at the elementary school, students and staff alike, rushed around
setting up the displays in the gymnasium. Each family was to have read a
book together over the past month and then build a display about the book
for today. Bobby had chosen Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and had set up the
scene with him having his friends painting the fence, using little Lego
figures for Tom and his buddies. What his parents didn’t know is that he’d
also done up a couple special Lego figures.
In one Tom was taking a leak behind the fence, ingeniously displayed by
attaching a yellow thread at the strategic point. In the other Huck was
getting bum fucked by the Negro slave Jim. He’d planned on discretely
displaying them with the explanation that Tom was really watering the
garden and Huck was on his hands and knees looking for fishing worms should
any of the adults ask, but giving the real explanation to his classmates.
Another thing that his parents, and his teachers, did not know, is
that the big bag of brownies with the note of appreciation from the
Crestview Heights Elementary Home and School Association for organizing the
literature fair was Bobby’s own recipe, equal parts of brownie mix and
Exlax. The third thing the teachers didn’t know was that while they were
busy getting everyone organized and after he’d dropped off preteel lolita kids pics
Suzie’s project,
Bobby had slipped down the hall and jammed the doors of the staff washrooms
with wedges he and his bothers had made in their Dad’s workroom earlier in
the week.
While the youngest of the Brewster clan was excitedly setting up his
April Fool’s day pranks, Brent was setting up his own, one that was simple,
but as far as the brothers lolitas bbs tgp pthc were concerned, brilliant. The
fourteen-year-old had hurried into the junior high school and while the
teachers were busy directing everyone into the gym and getting things ready
for the tournament, he used the commotion to slip into the staff room and
drop several tablets he’d borrowed from his grandfather’s medicine cabinet
into the water tank of the coffee pot.
The first victim of Bobby’s prank was Mrs. McNight, one of the grade
six teachers, a plumpish woman in her mid forties. With a sudden, worried
look on her face, she was the first to rush out of the gymnasium.
Wondering who would be first, Bobby had set up next to the exit and had
been carefully watching. With a wide, impish grin, he signaled his best
buddy, Aaron, who had set up beside him.
Pulling desperately on the door and ls magazine prelolitas bbs finding she was unable to get into
the staff washroom, Mrs. McNight raced down the hall to the student
washrooms. There was no risk or concern about an adult using them since
that section of the school had been blocked off for the day to keep the
students confined to the gym area.
The first indication of her arrival was an innocent click over the PA
system, something which Bobby and Aaron were waiting for but which nobody
else noticed. Several other teachers, having arrived at the same urgency
Mrs. McNight had, could certainly be excused for not noticing the noise.
The fourth and last thing that the teachers did not know was that having
been promised that Debbie, one of the junior high cheerleaders, would give
him an even greater time than she had last year for Valentine’s day, Derek,
the junior high computer geek, had hidden microphones in the boys and girls
washrooms and had hooked them up to the school’s PA system for the Brewster
So, Bobby and Aaron knew what the rustle was that was being broadcast
over the PA system and now catching everyone’s attention, and they
exchanged knowing grins. As the first prat of flatulence and splatter of
liquid shit echoed through the gym, everyone grew silent. It was followed
by several more similar sounds which some figured they knew but nobody
could believe they were hearing, and then a little cocksucker girls lolita flush that everyone in the gym
By this time half of the elementary staff had left the gymnasium and
as they discovered the jammed staff washrooms and hurried on to the student
washrooms, they were unaware that their answer to the urgent call of nature
was about to be broadcast to the entire student population, and their
colleagues. As a particularly long flush of diarrhea followed by a loud
fart echoed through the silent gym, Bobby glanced at Aaron and the two
ten-year-olds could suppress their giggles no longer.
At first the teachers and students thought that the sounds were coming
from a tape someone had hooked up to the PA system, but Bobby and Aaron
corrected that misconception with the boys near them and that news spread
across the gym faster than the diarrhea was flowing out of their teachers.
As the staff gradually realized what was really happening, four of them
hurried from the gym, two because of the stomach cramps, one to seek out
her female colleagues and warn them what was going on, and one to shut off
the public address system in the office. As teacher after teacher loudly
emptied his or her bowels before the open mikes, the students began to
twitter, and then openly laugh, and finally roll off their chairs in
merriment, from the little grade ones to the sophisticated grade sixes.
The four remaining teachers in the gym, the lucky ones who had not eaten
any of Bobby’s special brownies, were unable to stop them and could do
nothing but glance at each other in embarrassment.
Derek had done a good job hiding the connection to the PA system, and
by the time the microphones were disconnected, the entire student body had
heard their staff empty their bowels and were smirking and giggling
uncontrollably, boys and girls alike. The first teachers to leave,
Mrs. McNight, Mr. Bayer, the school principal, and a new well-stacked grade
six teacher fresh out of college, young preteen nn lolitas
Miss Depree, returned while the efforts
of their later colleagues were still being broadcast. As they discovered
what had happened, they all turned as red as the fire boxes in the hallway.
Not just a few students had a very good idea where the prank came
from, and many, both boys and girls, stopped by the rest of the morning to
congratulate the source. Bobby’s teachers, on the other hand, once again
began counting the number of days left before he’d be preteen female nn lolitas going to the junior
high and wondering if there was not some way they could speed up the
“That was totally awesome,” giggled Aaron, his freckled cheeks
streaked from tears of laughter. He gave his buddy a wide, appreciative
smile as his bright green eyes twinkled.
“Yeah,” giggled Bobby, his own hazel eyes sparkling with merriment as
he returned a toothy grin. He made a child love and lolitas farting noise with his lips and the
two buddies snickered.
“Suppose they find out it was you who gave the brownies to Suzie?”
“I’ll just say some lady in the street gave them to me to take in.”
“You think they’d believe you?”
“Fuck no, but they wouldn’t be able to prove it,” Bobby replied with a
“You’re fuckin’ wicked,” Aaron whispered.
“You bet,” replied Bobby, and he knew there was a lot more fun lolitas bbs tgp pthc
In all the excitement, none of the teachers had noticed that Scott
Hurd, the fat ten-year- old grade five bully, had disappeared. Over the
past four months he’d gotten progressively worse in behaviour, ever since
he’d missed out on the Thanksgiving feast. Although that was certainly a
big reason for his anger, there were other things that had happened that
night that only he, Solomon Nejrue from the junior high, lolita thumbnails young bbs and the Brewster
brothers knew about. A typical bully, he knew he could not seek revenge
against the brighter and bigger Brewster boys, so instead he took out his
anger against anyone smaller and weaker than himself. At four-foot-three
and a hundred- and-twenty pounds, there were a lot of students who met
those requirements compared to him. He had started his bullying early,
having intercepted Suzie on the way to the staff room and taken three
brownies for himself. Having wolfed down the evidence, the hapless boy had
spent the last half hour on the throne in the boys washroom connected to
the gym lockers and showers. Never had he had such a lolita go home remasteris
case of diarrhea, and
he was not sure he’d ever leave the bathroom.
Meanwhile Benny had taken advantage of the confusion at the junior
high to throw a couple boxes of Tide soap in the tanks of the boys’ toilets
before heading off to watch his brothers’ first game against Maplewood.
Brent and Brett, meanwhile, were placing bets that Crestview Heights Junior
High would not only beat Maplewood, but would win the tournament. When
they found few takers, they even gave the other side whatever odds they
wanted, offering to pay ten to one if they lost the first game. At those
odds, it was impossible not to bet with the two teens.
By the time the nine o’clock game started the twins had confirmed a
dozen bets ranging from a dollar to ten in addition to five bets for CD’s
of their favorite bands. Also, by the start of the game the toilets in the
boys can were flooded with soapy water. It only took a couple flushes for
the toilets to overflow with bubbles, resulting in the junior high
caretaker temporarily closing the washrooms so he could child love and lolitas mop up and empty
the tanks. Before he could finish the job, he’d gotten a call puta zorras pequenas lolitas informing
him that the school board had put everyone’s name in a box for a thousand
dollar prize, and that his name had been drawn. Although he had been
highly suspicious considering what day it was when he had been told to come
to preteen lolita cp child the office to pick up his prize, he was not about to take the chance
that it was a prank. So, locking up the boys toilets and telling the staff
to inform the students to use the facilities off the gym in the elementary
school next door, he headed off to pick up his money.
So, it was for that reason that during the break while the second pair
of teams got ready to play, Scott was joined in the elementary boys
washroom by Wally Bingham. The fifteen-year-old former bully, after having
given several dozen boys in the school blow jobs little lolita nude photos last year on Valentine’s
day as a result of having been hit by one of Cupid’s arrows, had become a
mincing queen. Whether it was out of shock from the experience, or because
the experience had triggered a latent desire none of the guys knew or
really cared. When you are a horny teenager and not scoring with the girls
but know a guy who’ll suck you off, you don’t question how be became that
As soon as they had spotted Wally leaving, Benny and his
twelve-year-old friend Justin, along with Benny’s brothers, who had
showered and changed back into their school clothes, had followed him.
Luring little cocksucker girls lolita him into the boys showers, which was not difficult to do in that the
fifteen- year-old queen found the Brewster twins particularly attractive,
they quickly raised his arms above his head and tied his wrists to the
shower head. Benny was just slipping away to get his kid brother to come
have a bit of fun, when Scott emerged from the toilets. Thinking about the
fun they’d had with Scott four months earlier, they took advantage of the
opportunity and quickly did the same with him. Benny then little lolita nude photos
slipped away,
and soon returned with his younger brother, who had brought the family
Polaroid to record the day’s events, his best buddy, Aaron, their seven-
year-old neighbour and hero-worshipper Charles, and Scott’s chubby
seven-year-old kid brother and a Brewster initiate, Carson.
Approaching lolita thumbnails young bbs Wally and unbuttoning the boy’s shirt to reveal his thin,
hairless chest, Benny lightly ran the fingers of his right hand over the
smooth skin and the barely visible ribs. Wally squirmed and laughed.
Benny reached out and tickled with both hands, causing Wally to squirm and
laugh even more.
“Please don’t hahaha, no more hahaha, please,” he begged and laughed.
Benny continued, and Wally thrashed about helplessly. Benny reached up and
began to tickle the boy’s exposed arm pits, from which hung the fine silky
hair of puberty. Wally began to howl with laughter. lolita go home remasteris “Hahahaha, oh hahah,
Christ no, hahaha please, hahaha. Oh lolitas bbs tgp pthc Jeez, oh, hahaha, I gotta hahaha take
a leak. Stop, I gotta go, hahaha, honest!” Benny continued relentlessly
and was joined in by his twin brothers. “Ohhhhh shiiiit!” he screeched.
“Ohahahah, ohhhahaha, lolita thumbnails young bbs I gottahahaha, I gottahahaha!”
The teenager could hold back no longer. He’d already had three cans
of Coke that morning, and his bladder was bursting. That, combined with
the boys’ tickling, was too much. He hung there helplessly as he felt the
dam burst and his urine race up the core of his penis. Once it started it
was impossible to stop it. A wet spot quickly appeared at free naked lolita pictures his crotch, and
then gradually spread up over his abdomen and then down the leg, his khaki
cargo pants turning dark as his piss soaked into them and spread. It
flowed with no sign of stopping, hot and smelling of nitrogen. The
fifteen-year-old hung there helplessly and totally mortified as he pissed
himself in front of the younger boys. Carson and Charles stood there
bugeyed and slack-jawed at the sight of the boy more than twice their age
peeing his pants. Glancing at each other, they broke into grins and
His underwear totally saturated, his warm urine flowed over his
abdomen and down the inside of his thighs and down along his calves. He
could feel it flowing around his instep and between his toes as it soaked
into his socks. He could do nothing to stop it, and there was little point
in doing so now anyway. After what seemed like an eternity to the
mortified teen, the flow subsided. His cargo pants hung heavy with a
bladder full of piss now staining the cloth over his abdomen and the
insides of both legs. His Nike socks were totally soaked with his urine.
Bobby stepped forward and took his picture. “This is going to be a
great picture for little cocksucker girls lolita the beginning of lolita go home remasteris my new collection.”
“You take awesome pictures,” seven-year-old Charles observed.
“Hey thanks,” the ten-year-old responded. “Who knows, maybe some day
I’ll give my new collection to you too.”
“Cool,” Charles said with a wide gap-toothed grin.
Bobby didn’t know what he’d been thinking last New Year’s Eve when
he’d lolitas bbs tgp pthc sworn on his brother’s balls that he was going to destroy all the
pictures he’d taken over the year other than he’d gotten caught up in the
excitement of the moment. It had taken a lot of figuring, but he had
finally managed to get out of his predicament by giving the pictures to
their neighbour Charles, much to Charles’s delight, and the approval of his
brothers. Now they could enjoy the collection of naked boys, and boys
engaging in almost every conceivable sex act, but not worry about being
caught with them, and Bobby could not very well be expected to destroy
something he’d given away.
“How about you, Scott?” asked Bobby. “You gotta go?”
“No,” he replied thankfully as he looked over at the unfortunate boy
hanging beside him. He had to be feeling totally embarrassed, besides
feeling icky and wet after pissing himself like that. He, fortunately, had
throughly emptied his body of everything this past half hour.
“Well, I do,” Bobby said impishly as he stood in front of the fat
bully and pulled down the fly of his camouflage cargo pants.
“You wouldn’t,” Scott said with a sinking feeling as Bobby slipped his
hand inside his fly, knowing full well that the grinning, hazel-eyed
delinquent would.
“Oh yeah?” Bobby said with an impish grin as he pulled out his limp,
uncut wiener. He’d had his nude lolita girls pics share of pop already that morning too. Holding
his little pink wiener up, he concentrated and in a second the ten-year-old
began to piss.
Charles and Scott’s kid brother, Carson, who had been the victim of
Scott’s bullying even more than anyone at school, watched with a mixture of
delight, guilt and excitement. On New Year’s Eve the two seven-year-old
boys had received their first lesson on sex, thanks to the Brewster
brothers, a seventeen-year-old accomplice, and two unwilling teenage
instructors. That experience had been as bewildering as it had been
stimulating. With that behind them, the two boys were eager to learn more
about doing sex stuff but were apprehensive at the same time. As
delightful and exciting as it had been, they knew it was something
forbidden for kids, and for that reason, they felt guilty about doing it,
and not just a little tempted.
Bobby, like his brothers, had no such guilt about doing anything
sexual. It made his body feel great, and mentally there could be nothing
more stimulating, so there was lolita thumbnails young bbs
no reason for not doing it. It was not as
if anyone was getting hurt. Just the opposite, it was making others have a
rush also. That was his reasoning as he directed his stream at Scott’s
crotch. His hot piss soaked into the boy’s tan pants and through his
underwear. Scott squirmed as he felt the warm dampness spread over his
naked pubes and flow around his privates. Pissing yourself had to be
embarrassing, but having someone pissing on you was more than embarrassing,
it was filthy and degrading.
The other Brewsters saw it much differently. The three brothers’
dicks began to stir as they watched their kid brother pissing on his chubby
classmate. The sight of their brother’s piss soaking down the fat
ten-year-old’s leg caused them to break into wide grins and they reached
down and began to fondle themselves, something that did not escape the
attention of the two little grade twos.
Inspired by his hero nude lolita girls pics and seeing the effect of what Bobby was doing on
his brothers, Charles had a sudden inspiration. Stepping up behind Scott,
the youngster pulled down his fly.
“Way to go Chucky,” Bobby and his brothers all cheered as he took out
his tiny pink hose. Pressing lolitas bbs tgp pthc his lips together in concentration and
forcing his tongue between them, the seven-year- old soon let loose with a
stream of yellow. His piss splashed off Scott’s broad back side, turning
his baggy tan pants dark. Charles directed his stream across the boy’s
broad beam, trying to soak as much area as he could. Scott hung there
helplessly, his face a bright red with nude lolita girls pics
humiliation as the two boys hosed
him with their hot piss.
Glancing at each other, Brent and Brett grinned and stepped up before
Wally without speaking a word. As they began to pull down their flies,
Brent suddenly yelped as the zipper caught in his fine hairs. Going
commando felt sexy, but he’d forgotten that one disadvantage. Gritting his
teeth as he held onto the caught hair, he continued to pull down the zipper
as his brothers giggled at his predicament. Pulling out their semierect
cocks, the two blonds were soon directing their twin streams over their
victim’s body. As their hot piss splashed in Wally’s hairy pits,
vulnerably exposed with his arms tied above his head, the fifteen-year-old
queen felt the stirring of arousal in lolita ls island archives
his groin. Brett and Brent played
their warm, yellow streams over his chest, and the hot piss striking his
nipples caused them to begin to swell. Their piss ran in yellow rivulets
down his chest and belly to soak into his underwear and pants nude lolita girls pics already
soaked with his own urine. Wally had never engaged in water sports before,
and being soaked by the hot streams of the two boys was, to his surprise,
turning him on.
Now sexually charged, the group of boys stripped the piss-soaked
clothing from puta zorras pequenas lolitas their two victims, leaving them in a sodden pile at their
feet. While Aaron stood behind Scott, and Carson stood before him, the two
boys aimed their hoses at the fat, struggling bully. Aaron, being small in
stature and musically and artistically inclined, had frequently found
himself the object of the bully’s teasing and dominating in the past.
Carson, being fun-loving and cheerful like his father and mother, from whom
the boys had inherited their stature and weight, was just the opposite to
his older brother. The kids at school had to suffer six hours out of the
day, five days a week. As his kid brother, Carson found himself the brunt
of his brother’s insecurity and need for power constantly.
So, the two boys, each for different reasons, felt no qualms about
pissing on the bound boy although they both suspected they would be paying
the penalty for a long time to come. The smell of fresh urine and the fact
they’d been drinking pop all morning, besides their desire for a small bit
of revenge, resulted in them easily responding to nature’s call. The two
young boys washed Scott’s fat, naked body, Aaron directing it over the
boy’s broad, well-padded butt and Carson over his brother’s flabby chest.
While Aaron’s piss ran down Scott’s ass crack and dripped off his nuts,
Carson’s piss ran down over his fat stomach and dripped off his fat limp
dick. The two boys giggled at the sight of Caron’s piss dribbling off his
brother’s dick as if he were pissing himself. Scott simply glared straight
ahead and thought of how he was going to make them pay for this indignity.
Taking the lead from Benny’s brothers, Justin and Benny had meanwhile
pulled out their dicks and stood side by side in front of Wally. Aiming
their streams while at their strongest pressure at the fifteen-year-old’s
armpits, the www lolita gallary com two boys felt a surge of sexual excitement pass through their
groins. They had no idea why that was other than the fact that anything
having to do with their penises was exciting. As their hot, yellow streams
splashed in the hairy hollow of Wally’s arms and ran in sheets down his
sides, they felt their sexual desires rapidly increasing. Wally was
finding the same thing, and his cock slowly began to swell.
As their bladder pressure lessened, the two boys each aimed for a
nipple, their hot spray causing Wally’s already sensitive nipples to grow
firm. The boys’ piss running down his body in rivulets, over his stomach
and through the hairs of his pubes to drip off his hairy nuts and his cock,
caused his penis to begin lifting up off his nuts, something that did not
go unnoticed by everyone. The lolitas bbs tgp pthc
two twelve-year-olds directed their slowly
dying lolita teen porn bbs
streams at Wally’s genitals, bathing his swelling cock and his hairy
nuts in their warm urine. Bobby busily snapped pictures of everyone.
“That was wicked,” Justin sighed as his flow ceased.
“Oh yeah,” agreed Benny, “and now for something even more wicked.” He
grinned at Wally. “Everyone knows how you like to suck cock,” he said with
a sparkle in his hazel eyes. “Well you’re really gonna love mine cuz right
now it’s got a piss-filled centre.”
“Oh yeah,” Charles beamed as he looked up at Scott.
The two boys lolita ls island archives were untied and forced to their knees on the tiled floor
of the showers. Actually, it was only Scott who was forced, under threat
of having the pictures of him getting pissed on posted up in the boys’
washroom on Monday. Wally, on the other hand, readily got into position as
his dick finished boning up. The two boys, for two very different reasons,
opened their mouths as Benny and Charles stepped forward. As Wally slipped
his lips over Benny’s soft, limp tube, memories of the dozens of blow jobs
he’d eagerly and desperately given in the boys washroom a year ago flashed
through his mind. He sucked the twelve-year-old’s warm piss out of his
piss tube and the first droplet of pre-cum oozed out of the high school
student’s pulsating bone. Scott, meanwhile, thought back to how he’d been
tied and abused lolita go home remasteris
last Thanksgiving. He had thought having his butt stuffed
with a boy’s cock had been the filthiest thing that a boy could lolita go home remasteris have happen
to him. Now, as he closed his lips about the seven-year-old’s dink, he
decided that it wasn’t.
Benny and Charles were hard in no time and they squirmed excitedly and
inhaled deeply with the pleasure pricking through their irritated dick
heads. Getting his dick sucked was a new experience for Charles, and as he
felt his little pricklet throbbing he thought back to New Years and his
first time at fucking a boy’s ass. He tried to figure which was best, and
quickly decided he enjoyed both. That was, of course, something Benny had
concluded long ago, and the twelve- year-old ran his fingers through
Wally’s hair with delight as the boy bobbed his head up and down eagerly,
causing ripples of pleasure to pulsate through his stiff dick.
Unable to wait any longer, Bobby stepped up and knelt behind Wally and
nodded for his buddy Aaron, who by this time had also gotten a little
boner, to step up behind Scott. The two young cocksuckers knew what was
about to happen as they felt their hips being gripped by hot little hands
and as they felt a hot, hard object probing their pucker. Like Benny, this
was not a new experience for Bobby, and the ten-year-old expertly and
quickly got into position.
For Aaron, like for Charles, this was totally new and he took his cues
from Bobby. It was not the first time he had followed his best buddy’s
lead. child love and lolitas He and Bobby had talked about sex quite a few times this past year.
Bobby had shown him some hot sites on the net, resulting in them getting
stiff and doing some comparing, and it was Bobby who had introduced him to
the joys of jacking off. Now his best buddy was about to introduce him to
another enticing aspect of being a boy.
The two youngsters did not need any lubricant to stick their slender
three-inch dicks up the kneeling boys’ buttholes. Bobby sighed with the
familiar feeling of having a hot, moist asshole grip his stiff cock. For
Aaron, it was totally awesome to have his little cocklet surrounded by hot,
pulsating flesh. As Bobby glanced over at him he grinned shyly and as
Bobby’s grin widened, so did his. Bobby began lolitas bbs tgp pthc to work his little stiff in
and out of Wally’s hot hole while the fifteen-year- old continued to suck
on his brother’s cock. Copying Bobby, Aaron began to pump his hips to and
fro, working his itching little pricklet in and out of Scott’s tight hole
while Scott sucked on Charles’s little noodle.
All six boys had already been hot before starting, two from having
been pissed on, the other four from having given the two golden showers.
As they all inhaled deeply with excitement and exertion, the nitrogenous
aroma of boy piss filled their lungs, causing them to grow even hotter.
Bobby and Aaron worked their hips back and forth rhythmically as they
delighted puta zorras pequenas lolitas in the thrills running through their stiff dicks. Benny and
Charles squirmed, the intensity of the irritation causing their dick heads
to burn increasing as Scott and Wally sucked on their swollen flesh. Wally
closed his eyes www lolita gallary com with the delight of having two boys united with him, with
the delight of having a hot, throbbing cock in his mouth and the delight of
being buggered by the horny little ten-year-old grasping his hips. Scott
closed his eyes also, blocking out the room as he desperately sucked on the
young seven-year-old’s cock while being fucked by his classmate. All he
knew was that the two were going to pay big time for this.
Benny was the first to come, and he squirmed and grunted as the
pleasure of his dry orgasm washed over him. His orgasms were getting more
and more intense each time he came, and he could not wait for the time he’d
be able to sperm. Each time he reached an orgasm he was sure it was going
to be the one. Although it never was, the intensity of the pleasure
pulsating through his stiff cock made up for his disappointment. Charles’s
fingers lolitas bbs tgp pthc dug into Scott’s fleshy hips as the little grade twoer came next.
The knob of his little two-inch cock burned with that strangely painful but
wonderful sensation that was still so new preteel lolita kids pics
to lolita teen porn bbs
him, and his stiff little
cocklet throbbed with as much force as the beating of his heart, which
could be seen pounding in young preteen nn lolitas his skinny chest. The overwhelming thrill of
orgasm was something that he was quickly becoming more and more familiar
with thanks to his heros, and he openly enjoyed it.
Aaron was the next lolitas bbs tgp pthc
to shudder with his dry orgasm, and the
ten-year-old sighed deeply with the pleasure that Bobby had introduced him
to one night after surfing the net for hot pics of naked boys. Ever since
Bobby had taught him how, he had jerked off almost nightly and each time
his body shook with his boyish orgasm he thanked his buddy for revealing
the secret to him. Now as his body shook as the result of his first piece
of ass, his gratitude to his buddy multiplied. Having his pulsating little lolita nude photos bone
surrounded by a tight asshole while he came was the most awesome experience
Bobby, meanwhile, was shuddering with his own dry orgasm. No matter
how many times he experienced that sweet pain, Bobby was still overwhelmed
by the sensation. As his body trembled and he groaned with open pleasure,
he was so fucking glad that he was a boy. He had little understanding just
how his male equipment worked, but that didn’t prevent him from fully
enjoying having it. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the pleasure
rippling through his cock, and then finally and reluctantly withdrew it.
By this time the two victims had boners of their own, having their
prostates poked by a hot cock and having a hot dick throbbing in their
mouth. That was hardly a surprise for Wally and as he knelt there with the
taste of cock in his mouth and his hole feeling empty he hoped that the
twins would be turned on enough to want to mess around with him. Scott, on
the other hand, was flushed a bright red being seen in that condition, and
although he knew it unlikely, he hoped that the boys were finished with
Carson stared at his brothers stiff dick, and then at his ass.
Fucking his brother’s butt was something Carson had wanted to do ever since
the sex education he’d received while being babysat by the Brewsters last
New Year’s Eve. That night it had been exciting watching Tony, the teenage
drug pusher, fucking his buddy, and Charles had certainly looked like he’d
enjoyed fucking the butt of the dark-haired seventeen-year-old later that
night. Now he had the opportunity to not only fuck his first butt, but get
revenge on his brother for all the times he’d pushed him around besides.
As tempting as that was, he was not sure if he dare do it, especially in
front of everyone else. He glanced over at Bobby self-consciously.
“Go for free naked lolita pictures
it, Carson!” Bobby child love and lolitas encouraged, and as he stepped toward his
brother the others all cheered him on.
“Don’t you dare,” Scott whispered.
“Go ahead, Carson,” said Charles. “Don’t let him bully you.”
Carson stepped up behind lolita thumbnails young bbs
his brother hesitantly and kneeling down,
nervously placed his hands on his butt as he’d seen Aaron and Bobby do.
“You bugger,” cursed Scott as he lolitas bbs tgp pthc felt his kid brother’s stiff dick
probe between his ass cheeks.
“He’s gonna be,” Bobby said with a giggle, and his three brothers
laughed at their kid brother’s humour as the four high-fived.
This being his first time, it took Carson several tries and finally
Bobby’s help to get his fat little cocklet inserted up his bigger brother’s
fat, smooth butt. Once he had his little wiener sunk in as far as he
could, he began to work it in and out slowly, being especially careful not
to withdraw so far that he’d slip out. At first he was very self-conscious
of every movement, but as he established a routine and began to enjoy the
sensation rippling around his cock head, preteen lolita cp child he soon forgot about the mechanics
of fucking and the presence of the others. After watching Carson hump his
brother for a minute, Bobby took his right hand and guided it to Scott’s
hard, fat cock. He only had to jerk Carson’s fist a few times to give him
the idea. Working his slim dick in and out of his brother’s backside, he
worked his fist up and down his brother’s fat cock and thought of all the
times his brother had pushed him around and humiliated him.
Justin had meanwhile stepped up in front of the fat bully. Scott took
the boy’s stiff, three- and-three-quarter-inch bone in his hand and slipped
his lips over the knob, eager to get this done and over with. He paused to
get used to having the boy’s cock in his mouth, and then he began to slowly
slip his lips up and down the slender shaft. As he knelt there with a cock
up his ass and one in his mouth, he swore he would get back at the
Brewsters for this. He did not know how or when, but he’d do it.
Brent and Brett had taken their positions also, much to Wally’s
delight. The twins were lolita teen porn bbs gorgeous, and their twin dicks, now just over five
inches long lolita teen porn bbs were beautiful. Wally grunted as he contracted his stomach and
pushed out, and as he felt Brett’s cockhead wedge into his hole, he doubled
his efforts. As the boy’s slender dick slowly pushed into his body, Wally
relaxed to make it as easy for Brett as possible. Once Brett had fully
sunk his cock up his ass, he eagerly slipped his fingers about the base of
Brent’s stiff prick and slipped his mouth over the boy’s engorged knob. He
savoured the delightful taste of hot cock, running his tongue over the
boy’s spongy dickhead. As Brett began to fuck him, he slowly eased his
mouth down Brent’s shaft and began to bob his head. Brett slipped his hand
around and began to slowly pump Wally’s dick and the fifteen-year-old high
school queen was in heaven.
So were the four boys being serviced. It was not long before the
twins were pumping out their hot, teen cum, the one filling Wally’s butt
with his load and the other filling Wally’s mouth with his. The two boys
grinned over at each other as they came, knowing how great the other was
feeling. Coming was an awesome experience, but cuming together was twice
as great. The boys were still shooting out their cum when Wally’s own
balls constricted. His first rope of cum shot up into the air and between
Brent’s little cocksucker girls lolita legs to land on the tiled floor several feet away. It was quickly
followed by several more ropes. His asshole being filled with hot cum and
his mouth full of the creamy load of the gorgeous blond fourteen-year-old,
the boy inhaled the sex-laden air and trembled, the last rope of his cum
dangling from his flushed dickhead. Bobby aimed and snapped still another
While the three boys were shooting out their loads, the three beside
them were trembling with their dry orgasms. Justin grasped Scott’s head
and trembled with his climax, his little cock desperately throbbing and his
tiny nuts drawn up tight underneath it as his body tried to squirt out the
cum that it was not yet there. Carson similarly grasped his brother’s fat
butt and trembled as the first wave of dry orgasm rippled through his
groin. It had only been three months ago that he’d found out about the joy
of orgasm, thanks to the sex lessons provided by the Brewster brothers. As
the pleasure caused his little boy dick to throb and his body to jerk
uncontrollably, he free naked lolita pictures groaned with the unique sensation. Having brought four
boys to their orgasms, and having his own cock stroked, Scott felt the
first tremors of orgasm ripple through his groin also, and as his fat
rolled with the onset of his climax the audience cheered.
Their needs satiated, the younger boys returned to their displays and
the teenagers returned to the junior high to watch the conclusion of the
second pair of teams playing in the tournament, their teachers none the
wiser what they had just done. Of course they discretely spread the word
around to those they could trust about the fun that could be had in puta zorras pequenas lolitas
showers of Crestview Heights Elementary, and those boys did likewise.
There was soon a steady stream of elementary and junior high boys heading
to the boys room off the gym. Considering the number of boys who had been
victims of Scott’s bullying, and the number who knew of the services Wally
was willing to provide, the two boys were in for a long morning of golden
showers and quickie sex.
Across town, Barry Brewster along with his coworkers was taking his
midmorning coffee break, and after all the coffee he’d had that morning, he
had a full bladder. Stepping up to the urinals with one of his colleagues,
he reached into his fly while they discussed the big presentation Barry was
making that afternoon. To his surprise he could not find the opening to
his underwear. After several attempts, and now being noticed by his
colleague, he finally discovered that his fly had been sewn shut. So that
was why his boys were so insistent that he have coffee this morning, and
why there had been one pair of underwear lolita thumbnails young bbs left unstitched to the others. He
had to chuckle at his boys’ ingenuity despite the embarrassment of
explaining to his coworker what his problem was.
The teachers and coaches at Crestview Heights Junior High were having
their own difficulties. The diuretic pills that Brent had placed in the
coffee in the staff room had dissolved gradually so that by mid morning
everyone who’d been drinking coffee, which was just about everyone, had a
desperate need to relieve themselves. The coaches of the two teams playing
could hardly call time just because they had to take a leak, and those of
teams who would be playing later didn’t want to miss any of the action, so
they spent the second set in the tournament discretely pinching themselves
between the legs. At the end of the second set of games there was a rush
to the men’s room, only to find the washroom door locked and the keyhole
jammed with SuperGlue. The student washrooms had been locked because of
the soapsuds prank and the caretaker had not yet returned. Dashing over to
the elementary school, they were dismayed to find the doors to the staff
washrooms were also jammed, and although they were off limits, someone had
managed to plug the urinals and toilets in the student washrooms. The only
washrooms available were the student washrooms connected to the change
rooms off the lolita thumbnails young bbs gym, and with everyone ready to cry child abuse without even
checking the facts these days, no adult was going to risk performing even
that basic bodily function in the presence of students. With the junior
high washrooms closed, there was a line-up of boys waiting to get into the
washrooms anyway.
So, in shear desperation, several of the men slipped behind the
building to relieve themselves against the school wall in an alcove behind
the gym. Between the caffeine and the diuretic Brent had slipped in the
coffee, they were there a long time and the wall was well washed with
urine. What none of them realized as they spread their legs and sighed
with relief as they relieved the pressure on their straining bladders was
that the security camera had been turned on.
When the boys gathered at their lockers that noon, the talk centred on
one of three topics, the basketball tournament, the hot time the boys who
had dates were expecting that evening, and Wally and Scott, who by this
time had been pissed on by so many of the boys attending the two schools
that the showers smelled like a urinal and the floor was covered by a
half-inch puddle of urine. The two had finally been freed from captivity
and struggling into their piss-drenched clothes, they had disappeared home.
The excited conversation was interrupted by sudden bursts of laughter
as several of the boys, every one of them having reputations of being
superstuds, opened their lockers and found the centerfold from Playgirl
glued to the inside of their doors. Of course everyone knew it was a joke,
but that did not prevent them from accusing the hapless boys of having
secret desires. Two victims of this latest prank were Conrad Blackwell and
Jason Smyth-Jones, two of the most vocal of the macho crowd, nude lolita girls pics
and who for
the past two weeks had ls magazine prelolitas bbs been going on about the two hot blond bombshells
they had met and how any time now they were going to score.
“Very funny,” snarled Jason as he tried to rip off the poster to no
avail. It was solidly glued to the door and was going to have to be ripped
of piece by piece.
“I’d like to catch whoever the cunt was that did this,” agreed Conrad
as he angrily slammed his locker door shut.
“Maybe whoever it was thought your lockers belonged ls magazine prelolitas bbs to Brent and
Brett,” observed one of the jocks, spotting the twins in the crowd.
“Naw, everyone knows their lockers. They’re the ones with the frilly
lace doilies,” someone observed and everyone laughed.
“Is that where you were last night instead of the dance, home
“Last night was like, totally wicked,” sighed Jason, seizing the
opportunity to brag about the previous night and further promote his macho
“Oh yeah,” agreed Conrad as he thought about the dance and their
double date with Bunny and Barbie. Both girls had worn
polyester-cotton-spandex tube tops revealing their smooth, soft shoulders
and their slender waists and innie belly buttons. Bunny in her striped top
and charcoal Hollywood stretch nylon jeans with hip hugger flare and Barbie
in her black top with Nevada slim fit jeans that showed off her hips and
shapely thighs were the hottest looking chicks at the dance.
The girls were fantastic dancers too, so light on their feet, and
having such sexy moves as they gyrated their bodies in time to the music.
The two horny teens were sure that their tube tops were going to slip off,
and were hoping that they would, and the sight their naked waists as they
swayed to the music was too much for the boys. Their gorgeous, silky hair
seemed to young preteen nn lolitas
float around their heads, and they had the sexiest smiles, their
deep blue eyes seeming to sparkle when they flashed those perfect, pearly
white teeth. They smiled a lot, and laughed at the boys’ jokes, and when
they danced slowly, they snuggled right up to the boys and let them kiss
their cheeks and nibble on their ears. They even did the same to the boys,
and didn’t object when the boys let their hands drop to clutch their
beautiful, firm backsides.
When the girls went to powder their noses, the boys went to the
washroom where they bragged about how hot their dates were. The other boys
in the can had to admit that they were gorgeous, and were hot dancers.
Jason and Conrad knew that they were the envy of many of the boys, and that
night even more so. What they did not know was that Barbie and Bunny were
doubled over with laughter in the “little girls’ room” as they talked about
how hot they were getting their two dates. They took advantage of their
situation and left a few pornographic messages on the walls little lolita nude photos
for the girls
to read also.
When they emerged from the washroom and told their dates they had
better be heading home, the boys were disappointed, but when the girls
coquettishly suggested they could keep them warm while they waited for
their bus, the boys quickly changed their mind. Sitting there in the bus
shelter, the girls wasted no time turning their boys on. They were both
passionate kissers, and soon the boys were squirming with arousal lolita thumbnails young bbs
as their
two dates forced their tongues into their mouths and innocently pressed
their hands against their groins. They made no objections when the boys
groped their breasts and kissed them above their tube tops, nor when they
pressed their hands between the girl’s thighs.
Jason and Conrad knew they were hot studs, but even so they were
surprised when their dates suddenly pulled down their zippers and slipped
their hands inside. They could not believe it as the two girls groped
their erections. The two boys were about to explode as they excitedly tried
to do the same to the girls. They were disappointed when the girls
insisted they only touch them from the outside, but as they began to rub
the girls between their legs, the way the girls squirmed and squeezed their
erections in response, the boys could not complain, especially considering
it was only their second date.
“They were so fucking hot,” observed Jason as he described the hot
necking session at the bus stop for at least the tenth time.
“Oh yeah,” agreed Conrad with a sigh. “I got Bunny’s cunt so hot her
panties were soaked.”
“Yeah, right,” responded one of the disbelievers.
“Honest. I could feel her cunt juice right through her stretch
Brent and Brett exchanged glances, their deep blue eyes sparkling and
their faces turning red as they suppressed their laughter. Conrad could
feel moisture all right, but it was free naked lolita pictures
Brent’s pre- cum, not cunt juice that
was leaking through the nylon jeans.
“And they really were wanking you?”
“Oh yeah, they had their hot little hands wrapped around our bones,”
observed Jason. “You could tell they really wanted us, and if it weren’t
for the fact we was at the bus shelter, they would have done it.”
“Oh yeah,” sighed Conrad. “And tonight preteen female nn lolitas
its going to be their hot
little cunt lips wrapped around our dicks, not their hands.”
“They’re going to meet us tonight and we’re going to take them to the
Pink Flamingo.”
“Yeah, right,” some of them scoffed again.
“No shit,” said Jason. “They would have gone all the way last night,
but there was no place for us to do it.”
“So how you going to get them to go to the motel?”
“They suggested it.”
“Oh yeah.”
“You fucking lucky dogs.”
“Gonna be fucking tonight,” said lolita thumbnails young bbs Jason, and he and Conrad high-fived.
“What about you girls?” one of the jocks asked the twins, “you maybe
planning on meeting up with some hot guys tonight?” The gang laughed.
“Hey, you never can tell what might happen,” Brent replied, glancing
over at his brother. The two boys smiled knowingly. The jocks had no idea
what the boys meant by that, and for a moment had an uneasy feeling that
they were being made fun of. The Brewster twins might be effeminate, but
they were known to somehow always end up on top. None of the boys had the
slightest idea just how true that was going to be in this case.
As the jocks headed for the cafeteria, Benny took advantage of the
milling crowd to slap several “grab my butt I’m gay” stickers on their
backsides. After several took advantage of the prank, he reached out and
gave himself a thrill. Brent meanwhile had cornered Debbie and was deep in
conversation with her. If anyone puta zorras pequenas lolitas had been able to hear, they ls magazine prelolitas bbs would not
have made much sense out of his words, but they would have noticed Debbie’s
eyes glaze over for a moment and have seen her nod at his suggestions. The
deed done, he joined his brother in making more bets for the afternoon
game. Right after lunch the Crescent Heights Cougars were playing the
winners of the second set of games, who had beaten their opposition by a
wide margin of fourteen points. Of course the Crescent Heights students
were loyal supporters, but the twins found a lot of takers from out of town
To the surprise of the cafeteria staff, there was a run on the
raspberry punch that lunch period. What they did not know was that Brent
and Brett had started a rumour that the punch had been spiked with Viagra.
Of course nobody believed that, especially since it was April Fool’s day,
but it being April the first, there was just as good a chance that someone
would actually have done that. Rather than take a chance that it was just
a rumour and miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime, almost every junior
high boy there figured why take a chance? What none of them knew was that
the twins had spiked the punch with Neutral Red when nobody was looking.
Meanwhile over at the elementary school, Bobby had attached “pinch me”
stickers on the backsides of a number of his classmates, and the elementary
group was taking full advantage of the opportunity. The youngest Brewster
brother had developed quite a following of boys who appreciated his humour,
and his daring, and quite a number of boys were eager for the forbidden
knowledge the ten-year-old had.
“Hey, what the fuck?” Bobby exclaimed as he bit into his apple.
Looking at it for a moment, he broke out in child love and lolitas laughter and his hazel eyes
“What is it?” asked Aaron and Charles.
“Got a worm in my apple,” he said little lolita nude photos as he showed it to them, and then
added, “nice and tasty too.”
Making sure everyone had a good chance to see he wasn’t joking, he bit
into the apple again, causing several of the girls to make a face and go
“You want some?” Bobby asked, grabbing hold of the end of the worm
with his finger tips and extracting it from the apple. The boys around him
giggled with amusement. Brenda Brewster had cut a hole in the apple with
an apple corer, and after inserting a gummy worm in it, she had sealed the
hole back up with the top of the core.
Over at the junior high, his three brothers had made the same
discovery and were chuckling with amusement. “Hey, a cherry chocolate!
All right!” exclaimed Benny with surprise as he unwrapped the foil in his
lunch. Popping it in his mouth, a second later he got the strangest look
and spat it back out into the foil, much little lolita nude photos
to the disgust of the girls beside
him and the amusement of his two brothers. “Blaaath,” he spit. “Ewww,
gross.” He wiped his lips with the back of his hand and spit into the foil
again. Barry Brewster had used an eyedropper to inject a squirt of
Buckley’s cough syrup into the chocolate centre and had then carefully
sealed the hole up. Benny’s brothers quickly tried to pawn their
chocolates off on others but knowing their reputation, nobody took them up
on it.
Suddenly there was an explosion over at the table where the coaches
were sitting. One of them had been trying preteel lolita kids pics
to shake out the salt for his
fries without success. Figuring the salt had caked, he shook harder and
the top suddenly popped off amidst a shower of foam, spraying him and those
around him. Prior to lunch, Brett had snuck into the cafeteria and had
picked the lock of the cabinet where the staff had locked up the salt
shakers, fully expecting someone to try to switch the salt with sugar.
Prying off the pop-off top of one of the opaque containers with a knife
blade, he emptied the salt and filled it about a third full with
concentrated lemon juice. Placing a thin tissue across the opening, he
poked it down a bit to form a depression and filled the depression with a
teaspoon of baking soda. Covering the holes of the top with tape and then
replacing the top on the container, he returned it to the locked cupboard.
Due to the breakdown of the tissue and the pressure resulting from the
reaction between the juice and the soda, the top had suddenly popped off.
“Agggh,” suddenly spit several of the coaches, their mouths full of
Oreo cookie. A large plate had been left on the table reserved for coaches
supposedly on behalf of the parent council for the Crestview Heights Junior
High. Grabbing napkins, the coaches spit out the contents in their mouths,
which were the cookies whose cream filling Brett had replaced with
toothpaste. Those who had been unlucky enough to have chosen that half of
the cookies that Brett had doctored up the night before washed away the
offending taste, and for several coaches, that was with raspberry punch.
Meanwhile Bobby had been having fun showing everyone the large
horsefly he had killed, and then with a quick slight of hand pretending to
eat it, really having switched young preteen nn lolitas it with a raison in his other hand. While
all the boys begged him for a raison and to borrow the horsefly to try the
trick on their teachers, the girls rolled their eyes and wrinkled their
noses with disgust.
By this time the caretaker had returned from his fake call to the
school board offices and had finished cleaning up the junior high boys
washroom and repaired the damage to the doors of the staff washrooms. The
Brewster brothers had been keeping an eye on his progress, and the
caretaker had no sooner turned the corner down the hall than the boys were
in the washrooms to make one little modification. Bobby, meanwhile, had
slipped into each of the stalls of boys washroom at the elementary school
on the same mission.
Soon in each of the stalls came a sudden exclamation, a curse, or an
expression of disgust. One by one staff and students discovered the hard
way, or perhaps best to say the soft way, that someone had stretched
plastic wrap over the toilet bowls. They had either smushed their
backsides with their shit, or had sprayed xxx red lolita pedo
themselves as they’d taken a
Both were a messy and disgusting job to clean up.
In time everyone at nude lolita girls pics the elementary school once again took their places
at their displays. Bobby and Aaron wiled away their time reading stories
Bobby had downloaded off the net, hot young boy stories from the likes of
Jeffrey Jeffy, Doctor Chuck, Justin Davis, Amador Pueri and
J.O. Dickingson. Of course that had the results one would expect for two
impressionable boys. Grinning knowingly at each other, they sat there with
their hands in their pockets fiddling with themselves, and when nobody
noticed, they got even more daring and sat preteen female nn lolitas side by side and fiddled with
each other under the table.
“Wanna go have some real fun?” Bobby finally asked.
“Sure,” Aaron replied, not having any idea what Bobby was thinking but
willing to do anything his best bud thought of.
Slipping into one of the stalls of the boys’ washroom, Bobby dropped
his cargo pants and Aaron quickly followed little cocksucker girls lolita suit, dropping his jeans and his
jockey briefs. He didn’t ask his buddy why he wasn’t wearing any
underwear, and thought it was sort of cool going without. The two
ten-year-olds were stiff preteel lolita kids pics and little lolita nude photos they eagerly reached over for each other’s
dick. For Aaron the feel of someone else’s cock between his fingers was
still new and exciting, and for Bobby, the precocious ten-year-old never
tired of messing around with someone else’s cock. As they slowly began to
wank each other, they squirmed with the strange sensation of someone else’s
fingers tugging on their dick and their hearts pumped with the excitement
of tugging on someone elses’ woodie. Although those woodies were only
three inches long, the two boys thoroughly enjoyed them.
While the two boys were happily wanking each other, Barry Brewster,
having returned to his office after lunch, was going through his in-box.
He was surprised to find a fax asking him to phone a Mr. Lyon regarding
having missed their lunch date. Checking his calendar, and with his
secretary, and finding no such appointment, he dialled the number, hoping
that whatever the appointment was to have been about, that the person could
rebook. As the voice at the other end introduced themselves as the Elwood
zoo, he broke into a wide grin and had to chuckle. That was one of the
oldest pranks in the book, and his boys had set him up very well.
Meanwhile back at nude lolita girls pics the junior high, Mike Harris, the junior high gym
teacher and coach of the Crestview Junior High Cougars, had created quite
an uproar. One of the Brewster twins, which one he was not sure as he
could never tell the two apart, had bumped into him in little lolita nude photos
the excitement of
the game, knocking the clipboard out of his hand. As it hit the floor the
contents spilled out, including several hot pictures of naked men embracing
besides doing several more intimate things. preteel lolita kids pics He turned bright red, and even
though everyone knew it was a setup, he could not help but be embarrassed.
Several of the boys on both teams, full of teen vigor and hormones, sprung
instant woodies at the sight of the explicit pictures. Fortunately for
them their woodies were retained by their jocks, but their condition made
play for the next little while awkward. In the end, the Crestview Heights
Cougars beat out their opposition, putting them in the finals an hour and a
half later.
Eager to check out their competition for the championship, the winner
of the next game between Bakersville Junior High and Holy Trinity, the boys
headed straight for the bleachers without showering. Holy Trinity had come
into the tournament as the favorites, having not lost a single game that
season. It was a strong team and half way into the first half they had a
ten-point lead. Over the last ten minutes of the first half, however, the
players of both sides began to falter. It was clear they were having a
difficult time concentrating. What nobody knew at the time was that
someone had gotten into their kits and powdered some of their jocks with
itching powder sometime after Bakersville’s earlier noon game. Between
their running, twisting and sweating, the boys’ crotches were beginning to
itch maddeningly. Those who were of lesser will power could not stop from
slipping their hands in their shorts and scratching their itching balls,
much to the amusement of the Brewster boys who knew exactly what was going
on and could not help commenting on how boys on both sides were suddenly
interested in the free naked lolita pictures
“holy trinity.”
The players on the gym floor were not the only ones who were having an
itching problem. Three players who had gotten beaten out in the morning
tournament had over the last hour developed an itch themselves, in a
slightly different location. Finally unable to stand it any longer, they
headed to the washroom, one within minutes of the other two. The three
Brewster brothers had been watching them and waiting for that moment and
they quickly followed the three boys. They had selected the three hot
studs early in the day, and as each in turn had headed to the washrooms
over the past hour, Benny had rushed ahead and loaded the toilet paper with
itching powder in one of the stalls and had then crawled under the
partition to latch the doors to the other stalls. Now entering three of
the stalls, the boys dropped their basketball shorts and underwear and
reached behind to satisfy their itch.
“Oh fuck, my asshole is so itchy!” complained one from behind the
first stall door.
“Yours is? Mine is like driving me crazy,” came the voice of his
buddy from the stall beside him.
“You two too?” asked the third behind the last stall. “Mine’s got an
itch where I can’t scratch.”
“Someone play the itching powder on the toilet paper prank on you
guys?” asked a voice from the other side of the doors. There was silence.
“Oh Christ, is that what this is?”
“No wonder my hole is so fucking itchy,” observed the second.
“Oh Jeezus, I can’t stand this. What the fuck we gonna do?”
“We can scratch it for you,” offered the voice
Again there was a period of silence. “Where I’m itching the worse you
don’t wanna put your finger.”
“Don’t be so sure,” replied the voice.
“Oh, I’m sure.”
“So are we.”
“You serious?”
“You’d stick your finger up my ass.”
“Go on, who would want to do that?”
“Don’t be dumb Mark,” replied his friend in the silence that followed.
“What type of guy do you think would offer to stick his finger up a guy’s
“Well?” asked Brent.
“What do you guys say?” one of them asked after a moment.
“What the fuck, I can’t stand this, and I’m not sticking my own finger
up my butt.”
The first of the three boys, Mark, opened the door.
“Com’on out. We jammed the outside little lolita nude photos
door so we won’t be interrupted,”
offered Brett.
The boy was fourteen, five-foot-four, a hundred and ten pounds, and
good-looking, with spiked brown hair and dark brown eyes and just the
finest beginnings of a moustache.
“So you’re offering to stick your finger up my butt,” he said
“Sure. Or I can stick something else up there if you want.”
“Forget it! I’m no fairy. Don’t even know if I want your finger up
my ass.”
“Up to you,” Brent said with a smile. “It will get rid of your itch.”
“Well, you can stick your finger up mine,” said Mark’s buddy as he
emerged from the stall. He was the same age and close to the same height
and weight as Mark.
His blond hair was parted in the middle and had dark shades.
“You really gonna let him do it, Dave?”
“Why not? My fucking hole is burning, and he’s top 100 lolita paysites
offering to do
something about it.”
The third boy quickly emerged. Taller and little cocksucker girls lolita
thinner than the other two
and with thick curly brown hair and sexy eyes, he had pulled his basketball
shorts and underwear up only as far as he had to in order to walk. Lining
up at the urinals, the three dropped their shorts and underwear and leaned
forward. The Brewster brothers quickly soaped up their middle fingers with
liquid soap and stepped up behind them. They easily slid their fingers up
the boys’ rectums and began to work them in and preteen female nn lolitas out. The friction and the
soap helped to relieve the boys’ itch. Of course the friction and the soap
along with the probing of their prostates soon had the three hot-looking
studs erect, much to their surprise and embarrassment. This being totally
new to them, they had no idea that it was a natural response to having
their anuses probed, and they stood there flushed with mortification and
each relieved that at least he was not the only one with the reaction.
Removing his finger, Benny grabbed the Polaroid where he had left it at the
sinks and snapped their picture.
“Hey, what the fuck you doing?”
“Making sure you let us butt fuck you,” he replied, putting the camera
down and returning to the urinals.
“You got to be out of your mind.”
“Want that picture showing up at your basketball practice some day?”
“It’s not us who have our fingers up someone’s butt.”
“But it is you getting a bone over it.”
On the spur of the moment the boys could not think of a response, and
before they could think of one, the Brewsters had dropped their basketball
shorts and soaped up their already stiff cocks. Knowing what their buddies
would conclude if they saw the pictures, the three boys reluctantly spread
their legs and let the brothers sink their stiff cocks up their buttholes.
Between the soap, the itchiness of the boys’ assholes, and the experience
of the Brewsters, the three brothers had no difficulty inserting their
dicks up the butts of the three jocks.
Brent, Brett and Benny humped the three studs vigorously, www lolita gallary com their cock
heads itching and not because of any powder. They had each selected the
boy they were humping over the course of the morning with this exact moment
in mind, and they had picked the hunkiest of the players. Slipping his
hands up under the tank top of Mark’s basketball uniform, Brett cupped the
boy’s breasts and fingered his nipples as he worked his cock in and out of
the boy’s tight butt. Beside him, Brent did likewise to the boy’s buddy,
Dave. Benny was holding the boy he’d chosen, a thirteen-year-old in a hot
gold and black uniform, by the waist as he humped his ass.
After the way their holes had been itching, the three boys found
getting stuffed was not all that unpleasant. In fact, as the three
brothers worked their stiff cocks in and out of their tight virgin holes,
the three boys getting buggered overcame their self-consciousness and shame
and began to feel an ache in their groins that up until then had been
caused by thinking of girls. As one by one the three brothers reached
around and grasped the stiff bones of the three teenage studs and began to
pump them, the three virgin boys made no objection. By the time Brent and
Brett were climaxing up their butts and Benny quivering with his dry
orgasm, the three studs were shooting off. Their hot, thick teen semen
struck the backs of the urinals where it clung in white gobs, and they
sighed with the release. For at least the two buddies, Mark and Dave, this
was something they were going to have to try again.
The boys returned to the gym just as the last game www lolita gallary com was ending and once
again they tried to make bets about the outcome of the final game. Holy
Trinity was the stronger of the two teams, and everyone was sure they would
win as the boys headed off to shower and especially to scrub their still
itching genitals, which a few of those who were sexually active were
worrying might be crabs. In case it was, none of them were going to wear
cups for their final game.
“There is no way Crestview is going to win,” observed Henry Schwartz,
the seventeen- year-old football player from the high school who had played
twenty-one-year-old John Howland, the servant who had little lolita nude photos
gotten washed
overboard in the Thanksgiving play. Ever since the Brewster boys had seen
the outline of his humongous cock in his wet breeches they’d dreamed of
getting inside his pants.
“You wanna bet?”
“You boys wouldn’t have enough money with all three of you put
“Bet lolita thumbnails young bbs you something else.”
“Yeah? What?”
“If Holy Trinity wins, we’ll be your servants for a day. If Crestview
wins, you have to be our servant. Looser has to do ls magazine prelolitas bbs whatever the winner
wants, no matter what, for the entire day.”
“Oh yeah?” the husky football player said with a grin. “You’re on.”
As the twins headed for the lockers to join their teammates and their
brother headed for the stands, Harry Schwartz smiled to himself. They were
really dumb. If he won, he had three slaves, and if they won, which was
highly unlikely, they had one. Of course he did not know that the boys
were basing their win on the luck of the Irish, and as they prepared for
the final game the twins wondered how Sean and Morchella were doing and if
the spell they’d found in the wizard’s book had really worked to send them
back to Ireland.
Meanwhile, having satisfied their urges, Aaron and Bobby had just
stepped out of preteel lolita kids pics the stall when Jerry Goldstein came into the washroom.
Being a short, skinny boy with thick eyeglasses and a huge ego, there were
few who liked him.
“Were you two guys in the same stall?” he asked with a grin. Bobby
and Aaron glanced at each other, not knowing what to say. “What were you
guys doing?”
“None of your business,” Bobby replied.
“You were messing around weren’t you,” he accused. Jerry had a high,
nasal voice that everyone found irritating. He was also the first to
squeal on others and the first to brown nose with the teachers. “You’re
fags aren’t you?”
“I said it preteen female nn lolitas was none of your business,” Bobby retorted as Aaron flushed
a bright red.
“Wait til I tell everyone what you were doing,” Jerry said gleefully.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
“Oh yeah? What you gonna do?” he challenged.
“Com’on, let’s go,” Bobby said to his buddy.
Returning to their projects, Bobby told Aaron not to worry, and to
help get Aaron’s mind off Jerry, he let his buddy in on his next prank.
Going over to where Charles and Carson had set up, he and the boys suddenly
began to make a commotion. Bobby ran to his grade five teacher,
Mrs. Spiers, one of the teachers supervising the gym, and told her one of
the boys had gotten sick and that they needed the caretaker. Sven Bjornson
was quickly summoned, and seeing the puddle of vomit on the table, he
“So, you boys think you vill pull a prank on ol’Sven,” he said. “I
know about your April fool’s tricks. You think I’ve never seen fake vomit
With a satisfied smirk, he reached over to pick up the plastic vomit,
only to find his hand in a puddle of very warm, and very real puke. As he
held up his hand and stared at it helplessly, the greenish-yellow puke
dripping from it in sticky strands and chucks of Bobby’s digested lunch
stuck to his fingers, one of the students near by, having had too much junk
food, turned green with the sight and suddenly vomited on the floor. The
sour stench and the sound of puking set up a chain reaction and ls magazine prelolitas bbs one after
another of the students erupted. Bjornson and the teachers could only
stand by helplessly. Bobby’s prank had worked even better than he had
planned, and his buddy Aaron had long forgotten dumb Jerry Goldstein.
There was a commotion over at the junior high also. First, the studs
who had drunk all the raspberry punch were beginning to feel the effects,
and as one by one they slipped off to the boys room to empty their
bladders, they were in for a big surprise. Neutral Red, a water soluble,
crystalline, red dye cannot be broken down by the body. That means it
comes out of the body as red as it goes in. To the dismay and fears of the
boys, especially those who were sexually active, the sight of bright red
piss could only mean one thing. That was the beginning of a lot of
worrying for the rest of that afternoon and evening. As for the coaches,
there were those who were regretting having cheated on their wives the last
overnight volleyball trip with the team, and those who hadn’t cheated and
were wondering just what their wives had been doing while they’d been on
the road with the team.
Besides that, several of the youngsters who were there with their
parents had been given Oreo cookies by Benny and then told lola teen models top to run past the
Crestview Heights cheerleaders, with the result they had left sticky
fingerprints on their uniforms. So, in the break between halves, the
cheerleaders had hurried off to the change room to change. What they did
not know was that Brent had snuck into the change room, easily disguised as
a lolita thumbnails young bbs
girl, and had loosened the elastics lolita ls island archives of the spare blouses and shorts.
Now, as they began their routine before the last half began, the energetic
movements were too much for the costumes, and one by one their blouses
burst at the seams to reveal their bras, and for a few like Debbie who were
not wearing bras, revealing even more. For a number of them, their skirts
suddenly slipped down to reveal their flimsy panties besides. More than a
few of the jocks, and more than a few of the dads in the audience, got
instant boners. One of those in the audience was Derek, and as his eyes
rose from Debbie’s exposed boobs to meet her eyes, desire flared up in both
of their loins, thanks to a posthypnotic suggestion implanted in Debbie’s
mind by Brent earlier. Derek needed no hypnotic suggestion to have the
hots for the stacked cheerleader. The two smiled at each other knowingly
and at the end of the cheerleading routine slipped out of the gymnasium in
search of some place private, finally choosing the alcove at the back of
the gymnasium. Benny meanwhile was giving Cheryl, who was so upset having
her undies exposed to several hundred cheering fans she almost passed out,
a drink of water. Shortly thereafter the poor girl felt so dizzy and
tired, she had to be taken home.
Across town, Barry Brewster was in the middle of his power point
presentation to the new pet store chain he and his boss were hoping would
carry their line of pet supplies. Things were going well until the Windows
curser suddenly changed from a pointer finger to a rude gesture. It was
not more than a couple seconds and reverted back to the original pointer,
but ten seconds later it switched again. At first everyone sat there in
silence and embarrassment, and then Barry little cocksucker girls lolita had a sinking feeling that not
only had he lost the account, but he was going to be in deep trouble with
Henry Farnsworth, the company president. There was only one way that this
could have happened, and while he appreciated his boys’ ingenuity, this
time they had gone too far. Then suddenly one of the men they were
presenting to, the head of the team and the vice president of sales, began
to chuckle. young preteen nn lolitas He was quickly followed by another on his team, and then a
“Someone has set you up, Brewster?” Henry Farnsworth asked.
“Yes, it would appear so, sir,” he said hesitantly.
“Your competition? Or perhaps one of your colleagues envious of your
presentation?” asked the head of the team receiving the presentation.
“Actually, I suspect it was my boys.”
“Your boys?” the vice president, asked. “They’d play a prank like
that on you?” Barry wasn’t sure how to respond. He knew how it looked.
“That’s wonderful.”
“It is?” Barry asked. “I mean, it is.”
“Yes. For your boys to do something like that, you have to have a
very close relationship with them. There are not many family men in
business these days.”
“Oh, Brewster here is a family man,” said Farnsworth, thinking back to
the company Labour Day picnic. “He and his boys are exceptionally close.”
“Well, let’s continue,” the vice president said, and Barry knew he’d
have little problem selling the deal as once again the pointer finger
changed to a middle finger amidst the lola teen models top guffaws of the group.
Mr. Bayer, the elementary school principal, was also about to wrap
things up, much to his relief and that of the staff. As he headed to the
microphone to deliver his closing speech, one of the preschool kids rushed
past and bumped into him, thanks to the offer of a cherry filled chocolate
from Bobby, who had been warned about the treat by his brothers. Dropping
his notes, he stood there in dismay as he stared down at the picture of a
muscular naked man, his biceps bulging, his cock erect, and his head
replaced with a picture of Sven Bjornson’s head. It was even signed, “to
Jonathan Bayer, my hot fuckhole buddy, Sven Bjornson.” The kids roared,
while over at the junior high the crowd roared as the buzzer lola teen models top rang and
Crestview Heights Junior High beat out Holy Trinity with a three-point
Everyone was in great spirits as the day came to a close and the
busses pulled up. To the amusement of the boys, fat Blackburn had noticed
the coins and had bent over to pick them up just as the boys arrived. The
sound of the resounding rip had him immediately standing up.
“Hi, Mr. Blackburn,” greeted Bobby as he extended his hand. “How are
The driver declined the offer to shake his hand. As the busses pulled
away, nobody noticed that Jerry Goldstein was not on the bus. It would be
much later that night while the caretakers were cleaning up that they’d
find the boy bound and gagged with duck tape in one of the closets, his
pants and underwear about his lolita teen porn bbs ankles and his thick glasses hooked and tied
above his dick. He would know better in the future to tease a Brewster of
being a closet fag, and if he did, Bobby had a great picture to share.
“So, how was your day at school?” asked Brenda Brewster with a wry
smile as the boys sat down at the supper table.
“Wicked,” they responded together. “Awesome lunch.” The four glanced
at their parents with knowing grins.
“And how was your day at the office, Dad?” asked Brent, looking at his
father with wide, innocent eyes.
“Very interesting,” he said with a grin, “and despite the special preteen female nn lolitas sew
job and the fax and the new cursor, I have to thank you boys.”
“Special sew job?” asked Brent.
“Fax?” asked Brett.
“New cursor?” asked Bobby and Benny.
“Thank us?” asked all four.
“I got the contract for the company, and there will be a nice bonus in
the next pay cheque. There will also be twenty bucks for each of you
boys,” Barry announced, and then added with a smile, “since you had a
finger in it.”
The boys glanced lolita ls island archives at each other and then burst into giggles. Their
mother placed their supper on the table, a large bowl of golden-yellow
noodles garnished with orange slices.
“Hey, what is that?”
“Something special to mark April Fool’s day,” Brenda announced. “It’s
a recipe I found that is from England in the 1700’s, noodles in butter
spiced with thyme and basil. It is supposed to inspire thoughts of spring
and buttercups and pranks by the Fey. It is called Noodles in Fairy
“Fairy butter?” the boys asked together with grins.
‘Uncle James must have been here,’ whispered Benny behind his hand,
referring to their uncle who they overheard was rumoured to be gay, and his
three brothers giggled.
‘So that is why Dad lolitas bbs tgp pthc
is in such a good mood,’ whispered Bobby, and the
four rolled off their seats with laughter.
Regaining his composure, Benny began complaining that his head was
itching like crazy. As he scratched, white flakes flew in the air. Brenda
was immediately on her feet and checking out his scalp.
“This is the worst case of dandruff I’ve ever seen! Benny, I’m
surprised!” she exclaimed, and immediately launched into a lecture about
using shampoo and the proper way to scrub one’s hair. The boys all
listened for a few moments, then burst into laughter once more, revealing
to their mother’s relief and amusement that Benny had poured salt over his
Brenda Brewster was not the only one falling victim to the boys’
pranks that evening. Erika and Judy, who thought themselves hot stuff and
who had snubbed the twins’ efforts to get to know them intimately back when
the twins were still curious about girls, had begun to receive calls
seeking their sexual favours, the result of their names and certain
testimonials claiming services received by the two sluts being written on
the bathroom walls of both the boys and girls washrooms by the twins that
At the same time, Miss May Spillers, the elementary vice child love and lolitas principal,
and Mrs. Agnes Ferguson, Bobby’s grade four teacher, were getting phone
calls from women offering to be a third lola teen models top as a result of Bobby leaving lolitas bbs tgp pthc the
request for little lolita nude photos one along with their number on a lesbian voice personnel. The
cheeky boy had also left a description of what they liked most based on
what Bobby and Aaron had seen them doing as the result of being hit by
Cupid’s arrows over a year ago, an event that had surprised them at the
time and never seemed to go away.
Having told their parents that they’d be spending that evening with
friends until around eleven, the boys got ready to go out. Telling them to
have fun, which the boys fully lolita thumbnails young bbs
intended on doing, although the type of fun
they had in mind would have sent their parents into shock and probably
therapy, Brenda and Barry retired early to have some fun of their own in
celebration of Barry’s extra good luck that afternoon. As he took out his
pack of condoms and considered how lucky he was the boys were all going to
be out that evening, he wondered if he should give them an extra five
dollars each for their role in making this evening possible.
The boys, meanwhile, had slipped next door to check if Cheryl had
gotten home all right, and to borrow some of her clothes as previously
arranged with her kid brother. She was sound asleep, the result of the
sleeping pills Benny had slipped her. Catching a taxi over to the Pink
Flamingo Motel on their side of town, the boys paid little lolita nude photos the driver and the
motel owner with money they had conjured up using the Wizard spell book,
knowing full well that the money would disappear by morning. The Pink
Flamingo was known to be a dive by almost all the junior and senior high
students, which is why the twins had suggested it. Anyone who rented out
rooms by the hour was not going to question renting to four young boys who
had good money.
Arriving at seven o’clock, Brent, to be known for the evening as
Bunny, and Brett, to be known as Barbie, changed into their borrowed
clothes while Bobby and Benny set up the cam corder and then hid in the
closet. Jason and Conrad arrived at seven-thirty.
“Oh,” greeted Bunny with a sigh of evident admiration, “you lola teen models top boys look
really cool tonight.”
“Yeah?” asked Jason with a proud grin. “Ah, I mean, yeah, and you
ch-, ah, you look hot yourselves.”
“Oh, we are hot,” said Barbie with a coquettish smile as she looked at
The poor boy’s jaw dropped to his chest as his dick sprang to
attention. Not only did Barbie look hot in her short-sleeved, blue and
white preteen lolita cp child striped shirt, unbuttoned half way down her ample chest, tight Calvin
Klein Boot-leg jeans, and passionate purple lipstick, but whatever the
perfume was that she was wearing, she smelled hot too.
“Well, come on in,” said Bunny, tossing back her fine, blond locks and
flashing the boys a bright smile. She was wearing green eye shadow and
pale green lipstick, matching her short- sleeved, mint combo embroidered
blouse and Nevada slim fit jeans.
“Ah, yeah, right,” Conrad said as the two boys stepped into the room.
The two glanced about the plain room awkwardly, not sure what to do or
where to sit. There was a bed with a blue and grey mottled bed cover, a
chipped end table and matching chipped dresser, and a small circular table
with two wooden chairs with blue and grey mottled padded seats and backs.
“We, ah, we brought something to drink,” Conrad said, suddenly
remembering the brown bag.
“Yeah,” said Jason.
“Ah, some beer,” Conrad said, “and some chips.”
“That’s very thoughtful of you,” said Barbie as she stepped up to
Conrad and put her arms about his neck, “but right now all I want is to
drink in you.”
“Shit,” he responded as she took the bag and placed it on the floor
and guided him over to the bed.
“We’d better claim our half of the bed,” said Bunny as she took Jason
by the hand and guided him over to the other side.
The two boys sat down dumbfounded as the two girls sat young preteen nn lolitas
beside them and
began to nibble on their ears. Freshly showered and shampooed, the boys
had doused themselves with their older brothers’ Polo Sport aftershave and
rolled on their Adidas spring rain deodorant so thick they could sweat for
a week without any odour. Not wasting any time, the boys took the girls in
their arms and kissed them on the lips, tasting for the first time Avon
lipstick. The lolita go home remasteris girls slipped their tongues into the boys’ mouths, and the
boys, totally inexperienced at dating despite their claims to their
buddies, began to maul their two hot dates in excitement.
“Oh God, you’re so hot,” puta zorras pequenas lolitas panted Jason as he began to unbutton Bunny’s
blouse, revealing her floral print lace-accented Jessica Bra. The white
nylon-spandex with delicate pink and blue flowers was so feminine. Cupping
her right breast and squeezing, he was amazed how soft and pliant her
breast was. His dick throbbed hotly in his black Nevada jeans.
Bunny was wasting no time either as she unbuttoned Jason’s tapered Gap
shirt, revealing the dark-eyed, dark-haired boy’s smooth chest. His
nipples were large, almost the size of quarters, and a dark pinkish-brown
in contrast to the rest of his chest. She ran her hands over his smoothly
contoured chest, and gently touched his nipples. They immediately became
firm. She kissed him passionately, pressing her bosom against his naked
chest. The boy excitedly and awkwardly drew down the fly of her Nevada’s.
They were tight and he felt like a bumpkin as lolita thumbnails young bbs
he fumbled with her top
button. With a sigh of relief, he finally felt it slip through the tight
buttonhole. His hands trembled as they touched her soft, warm stomach as
he spread apart the flaps of her jeans. The sight www lolita gallary com
of her floral print
thong panties caused his heart to pound furiously, not to mention his dick.
Conrad and Barbie were not wasting any time either, especially Barbie.
By the time Conrad had unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her blue seashell
Jessica Bra, she had totally removed his Guess T-shirt and was running her
fingers though his blond, spiked hair as she kissed his cheeks, his
forehead, and his lips. As child love and lolitas she caressed his smooth, hairless chest and
whispered how manly his pit hairs were, he awkwardly fumbled puta zorras pequenas lolitas with her tight
Calvin Klein Boot-leg jeans, and as he struggled to push them down, she
raised her hips accommodatingly so he could ease them off. Her lacy blue
seashell bikini brief panties looked so sexy. As Conrad reached out to
touch them, she stopped his hand.
“Whisper things to me,” she whispered.
“You know,” Barbie said as she pecked at his cheek. “A girl likes to
hear sweet things first.”
“Ah, first,” Conrad said lolita thumbnails young bbs
with a very audible gulp. “Yeah, sure, ah,
you’re really beautiful.” Barbie nuzzled him with her fine nose. “I mean
it. Your hair is . . . like silk, and it smells so . . . so delightful,”
he said, taking her lolitas bbs tgp pthc long tresses and holding them to his nose.
“And what else do you like about me?” Barbie asked demurely.
“Your eyes,” Conrad said instantly. “They are so blue, like the sky,
and so sexy.”
“Mmmm, you’re sexy too,” little cocksucker girls lolita
said Barbie, reaching down and pulling down
the fly of his khaki Nevada cargo pants.
It was fortunate they were so bulky because the boy had a boner that
was tenting out his underwear like the horn of a unicorn.
“Ah, and your, ah, your body,” continued Conrad desperately, trying to
keep her hands going with his praise. “You’re so fu-, uh . . . fine. So
soft, and you have such, ah, great-looking breasts.”
“Mmmm,” sighed Barbie. “I love your chest. It’s so smooth and soft
and so manly.” She reached up and stroked preteen female nn lolitas his pit hairs. “And you’re so
“You’ll find I’m even more masculine lower down,” the horny
fourteen-year-old said wittily.
“Don’t you think I’m beautiful?” asked Bunny as she opened up her
date’s black Nevada jeans to reveal black Joe Boxer traditional boxers with
a very huge bulge.
“Oohhh, yes,” Jason responded as his date placed her hot little hand
on his bulge. This was the farthest he’d ever gone with a girl, and he
could not believe how hot these girls were. “You’re the most beautiful,
hottest, sexiest woman I’ve ever known.”
“I bet a stud like you has known a lot of women,” Bunny lolita go home remasteris
teased as he
slipped his hands inside her Nevada slim fits and caressed her young preteen nn lolitas
“Oh, yeah ah, well, none like you,” he quickly corrected. Bragging
about his fake conquests was fine with the guys, but not something you did
with a date, especially one that you were lola teen models top
about to make out with.
“Bet you say that to all the girls.”
“No, not at all,” he said honestly. “You are the most beautiful girl
I’ve ever been with.”
“You’re the hottest man I’ve ever been with,” said Bunny as she
squeezed his bulging underwear.
Jason shivered as she kissed his chest and seductively ran her tongue
down the middle of his chest and then worked her mouth back up to nibble on
his nipple. He reached behind her and struggled to undo her bra. Barbie
was meanwhile pushing Conrad’s cargo pants down and he willingly raised his
hips to help preteen female nn lolitas
“You’ll excuse me for one little moment?” Bunny asked as she drew
“Yeah, sure,” Jason sighed as he looked up at her as she stood up.
Slipping out of her lolitas bbs tgp pthc jeans, she nodded for Barbie to join her and the
two hot teenage girls disappeared into the bathroom.
Glancing at the bathroom door, and than at his buddy, Jason sighed.
“Oh fuck, Bunny is so hot.”
“And her sister. I fucking can’t believe this,” said Conrad,
squeezing his swollen dick.
“You got a bone?”
“Had once the moment we stepped in the room.”
“Me too. You felt her cunt yet?”
“Oh yeah. It’s so hot, and wet. She’s really hot for me.”
“So’s Bunny. I can’t wait to get her bra off and those gorgeous tits
in my mouth.”
“I can’t wait to get my dick up Barbie’s pussy.”
“We’re gonna get laid tonight, man,” said Jason with a wide grin.
“Oh yeah,” agreed Conrad and the two high-fived.
“What do you think they’re doing in there?”
“Probably talking about how hot we are.”
“Oh yeah. I bet. I bet they’re cooling off.”
“We know how to get broads good and hot.”
“Oh yeah,” grinned Jason.
“I bet they’re checking out their pussies too so, well, you know, for
whatever it is girls have to check out before they let guys see them.”
“Yeah, that they’re clean or whatever I guess.”
The two fourteen-year-old boys looked at each other, and then as one
lifted their underwear and checked themselves out. As the bedroom door
opened, they snapped the elastic bands back and looked up with guilty
“Sorry to keep you two lovers so long,” said Bunny with a flirtatious
“No problem. What were you girls doing in there?”
“Powdering our noses,” said Barbie, “and other things.”
“Well,” said Jason with what he thought a sexy wink, “it’s the other
things we’re most interested in.”
“Why, you horny thing,” said Bunny as she sat beside him. Reaching
over, she wrapped her fingers about the bulge in his black rib knit cotton
boxers. She coquettishly undid little lolita nude photos
one button. “Ummm, what do you have under
here?” she asked.
“Undo the other button and you’ll find out,” sighed Jason.
Bunny slowly and awkwardly fumbled with the other button. Finally
undoing it, she smiled triumphantly as Jason’s cock pushed its way preteel lolita kids pics
out of
the opened fly. Five inches long and uncut, it stood up proudly and
“Oh my,” said Barbie. “Do you have one of those too?”
“Go ahead and find out,” cool man Conrad said.
Slipping her delicate fingers under his black with white print Yves
Martin boxer shorts, she raised them up and drew them down with surprising
expertise as he raised his hips. His five- inch cock with a flared
mushroom-shaped knob stood perpendicular to his body.
“Ohhh,” she said as she slipped her fingers about it. “Does it hurt?”
“Not anymore,” sighed Conrad as she slowly began to stroke it.
“We doing this right?” asked Bunny as she followed suit.
“Oh yeah,” sighed Jason. “You are doing it perfectly.”
“How do you like this?” asked Barbie as she suddenly bent over and
took her date’s cock in her mouth.
“Oh fuck,” sighed Conrad. “I mean, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean .”
“That’s all right,” said Barbie. “I love it when a man talks dirty.”
“You do?” he asked in surprise. “I mean, Jesus fucking shit, you do?”
Jason reached out www lolita gallary com to pull down his date’s panties, but she pulled
“Can you, well, can you, well I don’t know the right words,” she
“Can I what?”
“Well, have sex more than once in a night.”
“Oh yeah. Don’t worry. I can have sex all night long.”
Bunny snuggled up to him and ran her hands over his chest. “What
really, really gets me hot is hearing how I’m making a boy feel,” she
whispered in his ear.
“You’re making me really hot right now,” Jason sighed. She slipped
her head down and her blond tresses fell across his chest as she sucked on
his nipple. lolita go home remasteris When he said nothing, she stopped and looked up. “Oh, ah,
that’s awesome. It’s really making me horny,” he said catching on.
As Barbie did the same to Conrad he quickly followed suit. He’d never
in his wildest dreams thought that he’d date a girl as aggressive as she
“Now,” said Bunny as she once again took Jason’s stiff cock in her
hand and lowered her head suggestively, “what would you like me to do with
“Lick it.”
“Lick lola teen models top
“Yeah, lick my cock. I want to feel your hot, moist tongue wrapping
around my fuck pole.”
“Mmmm,” said Bunny. She immediately began to lick the boy’s dick,
causing him to inhale sharply and squirm. This was pure heaven.
“Oh yeah,” said Conrad as Barbie did the same. “You’re making me feel
so fucking hot. You’re the best.”
The two girls put all their efforts into what they were doing, and the
two boys lay back and with increasing excitement told them how wonderful
they were. The girls were wonderful, having had plenty of experience
unknown to their two dates, and, of course, knowing exactly how a boy felt
when he got sucked off. Jason and Conrad shuddered with arousal as the
blood pounded in their stiff cocks and they felt their balls tighten.
“Oh fuck. Oh God, I’m going to cum,” gasped Jason.
“Me too,” gasped Conrad.
The two boys fountained and their dates eagerly and hungrily swallowed
their hot teen sperm. Shot after shot erupted from their bodies, and to
their delight the girls took everything they had to offer.
“Oh fuck, you were wonderful,” sighed Conrad, totally spent and
flushed with his powerful orgasm.
“You too,” agreed Jason. “You give xxx red lolita pedo an awesome blow job.”
“If you think that is great, you should see the way we fuck,” said
Bunny, running her hands along her thighs. ls magazine prelolitas bbs Her floral print thong was
strangely jutting out from her body.
“Oh lolitas bbs tgp pthc
yeah, that I want to see,” Jason said, trying to imagine her hot
“Me too,” agreed Conrad as he reached out for Barbie’s lacy blue
seashell bikini brief panties.
The two boys struggled with the girls panties, not sure why they were
hung up. Why soon became evident.
“What the fucking hell is this?”
“What’s the matter lover boys?”
Jason www lolita gallary com and Conrad looked at the two girls in shock, and then at each
other. There was a giggle from the closet.
“Com’on out guys.”
Benny and Bobby leaped puta zorras pequenas lolitas
out of the closet, giggling and smirking.
“You son’s-a-bitches!”
“Jeezus, you two fems are fucking faggots!”
“Us? It’s you who were going on and on about how great we were making
you feel.”
“Wh-, wh-, fucking shit!” Jason exploded angrily as he got out of bed.
“Where are my pants?”
“Not so fast. You wanted to see how we fucked, remember.”
“Up your ass.”
“Actually, it’s the other way around. We plan on shoving ours up
“In your dreams.”
“You want everyone to know about tonight?”
“What you going to tell them? That you made out with us?”
“You wouldn’t.”
“It’d be a laugh.”
Jason and Conrad looked at each other. The Brewsters were just crazy
enough to do it.
“You’d have no proof.”
“What do you think Benny young preteen nn lolitas
and Bobby were doing in the closet?”
“What do you mean?”
“They’ve been taping this.”
“Mmmm, you are so hot. I love the way you lick my cock babe,” giggled
“Everyone will be very interested in getting a copy on Monday.”
“Unless you do as we say.”
“Then you get the tape.”
“As if we can’t just take it now.”
“We’ll scream.”
“We’ll scream til the cops come, and then say you raped us.”
“No way.”
Bobby suddenly let out a bloodcurdling screech.
“Stop it.”
“Stupid little shit.”
“Just in case you didn’t believe us,” said Bobby with an impish grin.
“Now, roll over. We’re fucking hot.”
Jason and Conrad hesitated and then reluctantly rolled over. Their
two dates immediately climbed above them, and with gusto and excitement,
lubed their dicks up with KY. What the Brewsters knew and their dates did
not, was that the tape was still rolling.
Kneeling between the boys’ outspread legs, Brent and Brett balanced
themselves on their elbows and knees and then slowly lowered their bodies.
Their rock hard cocks slick with lube easily entered the boys’ chutes.
While their younger brothers watched, they began to hump the two jocks.
Jason and Conrad could not believe what was happening to them. As they lay
there and felt the twins’ cocks easing in and out of their bodies, they
thought about what they were going to do to the effeminate faggots for what
they had done to them this night. Nobody made a fool out of Jason
Smyth-Jones or Conrad Blackwell, and nobody stuck their dicks up lolita thumbnails young bbs
Brent and Brett fucked hard and furiously, having been totally turned
on by their foreplay. Their fine hair swayed and swept across the naked
backs of their two partners as they worked their cocks in and out of the
boys’ tight holes. After years of teasing and a month of planning, they
were getting their revenge, and it was fabulous! It was not long before
their cocks went numb and they trembled as they shot their young seed up
the chutes of their two dates.
Benny and Bobby were ready to take their places the moment they got
up, the two boys having chucked off their clothes and begun playing with
themselves as they’d watched their brothers humping the two jocks. Easily
slipping their little dicks through their brothers’ spunk, they penetrated
the two fourteen-year-old studs and began fucking them just as furiously as
their brothers. Jason and Conrad flushed a bright red as the two
youngsters huffed on top of them. They could not believe this. There they
were, laying on their stomachs in a cheap motel room with two boys ramming
their dicks in and out of their assholes. Only minutes ago they’d been hot
as hell and looking forward to getting laid, and now they were, but not how
they’d imagined. This was dirty and disgusting. Instead of burying their
dicks up a hot broad’s cunt, they had a guy’s dick buried up their butt.
That had to be the filthiest thing two guys could do, and the little snots
fucking them were enjoying it. As Benny and Bobby trembled with their dry
orgasms, the two teens below them were relieved that it was over.
“All right, you’ve had your prank. We’re out of here,” announced
Jason as the two brothers finally rolled off the two boys.
“Not so fucking fast. You gotta blow us first,” commented Bobby.
“No fucking way,” Jason responded as he stared at the youngsters’
spunk and shit stained pricks.
“Oh yeah? You want your buddies to see the tape of you two getting
the shit fucked out of them?”
The two boys visibly paled as they realized what had just happened had
also been taped.
“No way am I sucking your dick after it’s been up my ass.”
“Oh yeah? I’d guess again,” replied Benny.
“Fucking right,” agreed his kid brother. “You should thank us. Being
up your ass gives it a special extra flavour.” The two boys giggled.
Jason and Conrad wanted to get this nightmare over with, and as they
glanced at each other, they knew there was only going to be one way to
achieve that. As Benny and Bobby stood there in the middle of the room,
the two jocks reluctantly knelt and took their dicks in their hands. They
wiped them off with their fingers, and then slowly opened their mouths and
slipped their lips over the boys’ dicks. Just the idea of having the boys’
cocks in their mouth after them being up their assholes was disgusting.
They flushed a bright red with embarrassment and wanted to die as they
sucked cock for the first time in their lives. This was the worst night of
their lives, and the Brewster boys were really going to pay. That was what
they repeated over and over in their minds as the worked their lips up and
down the two little dicks. It was not long before the two youngest
Brewsters were quivering with their second orgasm of that evening.
As lolita ls island archives they stepped back, the twins stepped forward. Jason and Conrad did
not even object as they opened their mouths and took the two rock hard
dicks in their mouth.
The faster they did it the faster it would be over. Of course on the
tape it looked like they were hot for the twins’ cocks, and the Brewsters
had a lot of experience editing video tapes. The two jocks were not the
best cocksuckers, but little lolita nude photos having two of the most arrogant, richest, and most
popular studs in the junior high kneeling there and sucking their cocks was
sweet justice to the two brothers. They grinned at each other, their blue
eyes sparkling, as their dates bobbed their heads in their laps. After
years of teasing, this was sweet revenge, and they were going to make it
Feeling themselves approaching their climaxes, they had Jason and
Conrad pause until the urge subsided, and then they had them start up
again. Three times they made the boys stop, by which time their jaws were
aching. Finally unable to hold back anymore, they grasped their dates’
heads as they shot their young, hot cum into the boys’ gullets, warning the
boys they expected them to swallow their hot loads just as they had
swallowed xxx red lolita pedo
the boys’ shots earlier or they would make them do it all over
again. Jason and Conrad eagerly swallowed their cum, much to the amusement
of the four brothers. As the twins finally withdrew their dicks, they made
sure they left a thread of cum dangling from the macho jocks’ lips for the
camera. The twins sat back with triumphant grins as the two boys wiped
their mouths off with the backs of their hands and reached for their
“Just one more thing,” said Brent.
“And that is?”
“We want you to put these on and pose nice,” said Brett, handing the
boys the Pokemon briefs they had brought with them and left in the dresser
beside the bed as Bobby got the Polaroid camera.
“Why the fuck would we do that?”
“We’ll give you the video, but we’ll little lolita nude photos keep the picture of you in these,
just so you don’t get any funny ideas about trying to get revenge. You try
anything, we’ll be sure everyone in school sees just how cool you really
Willing to do anything to get out of there, the boys preteel lolita kids pics posed in the
kiddy underwear as directed for half a dozen shots. Finally getting
dressed and angrily grabbing the tape, they stomped off for nude lolita girls pics the bus stop.
Packing up their things and preteel lolita kids pics
the beer and chips their dates had forgotten
about, the Brewster boys called a taxi and headed home themselves.
“That was fucking awesome,” observed Bobby.
“Oh yeah. Totally,” agreed Brent.
“You and Brett broke your New Year’s resolution though.”
“What resolution was that?”
“You swore you wouldn’t seek revenge on the dumb jocks who teased you
about looking like girls.”
“We didn’t.”
“What do you call what you did tonight?”
“Jason and Conrad aren’t dumb. They get top marks,” observed Brent.
The boys looked at each other, and then laughed. “Okay, guess you’re
right,” admitted Benny.
“They get top marks for being a great fuck anyway,” commented Bobby,
and his three brothers agreed.
“When do you think they’ll find out we handed them a blank tape?”
“Probably never. Bet they’ve already destroyed it.”
“Yeah,” laughed Brett. “They certainly wouldn’t keep it to watch
themselves, and they sure wouldn’t want it laying around where someone
could find it.”
“Well, I can’t wait to watch it,” said Benny, taking the real tape out
of nude lolita girls pics his bag.
“Oh fuck, we forgot to pick up the security videos from school!”
exclaimed Bobby.
“We’ll do it first thing Sunday.”
Arriving back home, they tossed pebbles at Charles’s bedroom window
until they woke him up. Slipping in the back door, they returned Cheryl’s
borrowed clothes.
Taking one of their dad’s condoms out of his pocket, Brett stretched it
out while Brent spilt a bit of conditioner in the middle of Cheryl’s bed.
While the twins poured a bit into the condom and stretched it out beside
her, Bobby tossed a dollar and forty-nine cents on her bed and Benny took a
final Polaroid lolita go home remasteris
picture, being sure the wet spot could be seen. Barely able
to hold back their laughter, the boys lola teen models top headed off for their house.
Slipping into their pajamas, the boys were just about to crawl into
bed when they heard a screech from next door. Cheryl had evidently woken
up. lolita ls island archives With wide grins, the boys high-fived and climbed into bed, too weary
to even have a final wank session. It had been one awesome April Fool’s
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